UTC−4 is the time offset used in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone in Canada in winter and the North American Eastern Time Zone during daylight saving time (DST), in the Caribbean region this is considered as the Eastern Caribbean timezone. There are possibly other various names in other countries.

Areas using UTC−4

ingle zone countries without DST

*Antigua and Barbuda
*Dominican Republic
*Netherlands Antilles
*Puerto Rico (AST—Atlantic Standard Time)
*Saint Kitts and Nevis
*Saint Lucia
*Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
*Trinidad and Tobago

ingle zone countries with DST

*Falkland Islands**

Multizone countries

** Acre
** Amazonas
** Mato Grosso**,
** Mato Grosso do Sul**,
** Rondônia,
** Roraima
*Canada (AST—Atlantic Standard Time)
** Labrador (all but southeastern tip)*,
** New Brunswick*,
** Nova Scotia*,
** Prince Edward Island*,
** Quebec (east of the 63°W longitude)
** Mainland (all of Chile except Easter Island)**
*Greenland—Kalaallit Nunaat
** northwestern
*** Pituffik area* (observes United States daylight saving time rules)
*Virgin Islands
** British Virgin Islands and
** U.S. Virgin Islands (AST——Atlantic Standard Time)
*United StatesNorth American Eastern Time Zone during daylight saving time

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