Carried to Dust

Carried to Dust

Infobox Album |
Name = Carried to Dust
Type = studio
Artist = Calexico

Released = September 9 2008
Genre = Indie/alt-country
Length =
Label =
Producer =
Reviews = * Allmusic Rating|4.5|5 [ link]
* The A.V. Club (B) [ link]
* The Music Magazine (6/10) [ link]
* Pitchfork Media (8.3/10) [ link]
* PopMatters rating-10|8 [ link]
* Strange Glue Rating|4|5 [ link]
* Twisted Ear Rating|3|5 [ link]
* Web in Front (Favorable) [ link]
Last album = "Garden Ruin" (2006)
This album = "Carried to Dust" (2008)
Next album =|

"Carried to Dust" is the sixth studio album from Tucson, Arizona indie rock band Calexico, released September 9, 2008. It features a number of guest musicians like Iron & Wine, Tortoise's Doug McCombs, and Pieta Brown.

Following the release of "Carried to Dust", the band will tour extensively throughout the British Isles, USA and Western Europe. [] . Casa de Calexico. Retrieved on August 22, 2008.]

Track listing

#"Víctor Jara's Hands"
#"Two Silver Trees"
#"The News About William"
#"Sarabande in Pencil Form"
#"Writer's Minor Holiday"
#"Man Made Lake"
#"House of Valparaíso"
#"Bend to the Road"
#"El gatillo (Trigger Revisited)"
#"Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)"
#"Falling from Sleeves"
#"Red Blooms"
#"Contention City"


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