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The Rock Art Show is a traveling art show, now based in Philadelphia, presented by local radio stations, with art of and by rock musicians. [Brett, Jennifer. "Rock Art Show offers art of and by rock stars", "The Atlanta Journal-Constitution", 2005-04-16, p. JJ4.] [Burnham, Emily. "Rockin' in the art world: Music memorabilia takes center stage", "Bangor Daily News", 2007-10-12, p. 6.] The show features over 150 framed drawings, paintings, lyrics, photographs, animation cels, gold records, concert posters, album art and other art forms. It is curated by Scott Segelbaum.

Formation/Early Days (1992–1996)

The idea for the first Rock Art Show was the brainchild of Scott Segelbaum during his time working at KLSX, a radio station based in Los Angeles, California. [] ["Real artful tribute to Jerry", "Los Angeles Daily News", 1995-09-21, p. L3.] The promotion was an annual one week event, usually held at the Directors Guild Building on Sunset Boulevard. During its five-year run, the art show was visited by many high profile guests including : Elton John, Brian Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, Brian Setzer, Graham Nash, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Jon Anderson, and Robbie Krieger. 100 % of the art sales went to several AIDS related charities; raising over one million dollars during the show's time in Los Angeles. In 1994, the Rock Art Show was awarded the prestigious 'Best of the Best' Public Service Promotions honor in the 1994 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention. [] Around the same time, Segelbaum was hired as a consultant for the book "Musicians as Artists" (Journey 1994) a book that showcased works of art by famous musicians. []

Greater Media Philadelphia Era (1999–2004)

In 1999, Scott relocated to Philadelphia after being offered a job as marketing director for the classic rock oriented station WMGK, and rock station WMMR. [] [] Thus, bringing the Rock Art Show with him. Like the previous shows in Los Angeles, the Rock Art Show in Philadelphia [] proved to be a tremendous success. The show was able to generate press coverage, as well as raising money for charitable organizations. In 2001, the auction raised more than $60,000. [Klein, Michael. "Only rock and roll", "The Philadelphia Inquirer", 2002-11-17, p. B2.] The Rock Art Show was also awarded the Achievement in Radio (AIR) award in 2001, for “Best Radio Sponsored Community Event of the Year”. []

Recent (2004–present )

In 2004, Scott decided to pursue forming his own business, making the Rock Art Show a national event. That same year, he co-founded Right Brain Revenue, Inc. with business partner Sam Milkman. Currently, Right Brain Revenue, Inc. holds an average of 30-40 of these events a year around the country with various radio stations. Featured in the show are photographs from renowned rock photographer, Baron Wolman ,the first chief photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine, as well as famous poster designer, Bob Masse, who has created famous concert posters for various bands from the 60's to the present. The Rock Art Show also features a few rare original hand drawn sketches by the original Beatle's bassist Stuart Sutcliffe [] .Other artwork displayed are original hand drawn artwork and lyrics, gold records, concert posters, and paintings. The prices of the art carried by the show range from five dollars, to five thousand dollars. 10 % of each show's profit goes to a different charity. Though Scott currently works alone, he recently employed an intern, LJ Furman, who is majoring in the History of Rock 'n' Roll at Indiana University. Dylan Segelbaum, son of Scott, occasionally assists Scott with local shows. Scott also hosts a short weekly podcast about Beatles news, which can be subscribed to on iTunes, and can be heard on the Beatles internet radio station, Beatles-A-Rama.

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