Fan (programming language)

Infobox programming language
name = Fan
logo =
paradigm = multi-paradigm
year = 2007
designer =
developer = Brian Frank, Andy Frank
latest_release_version = 1.0.30
latest_release_date = release_date|2008|07|30
typing = static, dynamic
implementations =
dialects =
influenced_by = C#, Scala, Ruby, Erlang
influenced =
license =
website = []

Fan is a general purpose object-oriented programming language that runs on both JRE and .NET CLR. The language is also a functional programming language in the sense that it supports functions as first-class objects. Concurrency is supported by implementing the Actor Model as used by Erlang. Fan uses static typing but has also support for dynamic typing. Fan uses a curly brace syntax similar to C# and Java.

ee also

* C#
* Scala
* Ruby
* Erlang


* [ Fan Programming Language]
* [ Re: Fan Programing Language ( mailing list)]

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