International Performers Competition Brno

International Performers Competition Brno

The International Performers Competition Brno (Czech: Mezinárodní interpretační soutěž Brno) - Brno in the Czech republic.

The Brno International Music Festival has been held at the end of September and the beginning of October each year since 1966. The festival is a member of the European Festivals Association (since 1993). The first International Performers' Competition was held in 1996, and has since become a regular event at the festival.

Disciplines, Laureates and Jurors

*Organ: Petr Čech, Pavel Svoboda (Czech republic), Anna Pikulska (Poland)
*French Horn: Zoltán Szöke (Hungary), Pablo Lago Soto (Spain)
*Tuba: Sergio Finca Quiros (Spain), Carolyn Jantsch (USA)
*Double Bass


James Gourlay, Francis Orval, Susan Landale, Gillian Weir, Helmut Deutsch, David Heyes, Stefan Schäfer, James Gourlay

Concert performances for laureates

*performing at the:
** Brno International Music Festival
** Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
** South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra České Budějovice
** Philharmonic Orchestra Hradec Králové
** Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava
** Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc

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* [ Websites of competition]
* [ European Festivals Association]

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