USNS Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup (T-AG-175)

USNS "Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup" (T-AG-175) was an "Alamosa"-class cargo ship that was constructed during the final months of World War II, and saw little war-related service before being laid up in reserve. In 1963 she was reactivated and placed into service in the Pacific Ocean, responsible for a number of tasks, including helicopter delivery, surveying, and oceanographic services. She was struck in 1970 and sold for scrapping.

Constructed in Richmond, California

"Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup" was laid down on 16 April 1945 under a Maritime Commission Contract as "Spindle Eye" (MC hull 2381) by Kaiser Cargo Inc., Richmond, California; launched on 25 May 1945; sponsored by Mrs. Edgar Buttner; and delivered to the Lykes Brothers Steamship Company on 9 July 1945.

World War II-related service

"Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup" was designed to ferry war correspondents, but World War II ended before "Italic text"she could perform this duty. Hence, most of her early career was spent in the Maritime Administration's National Defense Reserve Fleet.

Vietnam era service

On 16 January 1963, "Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup" was transferred to the Military Sea Transport Service (MSTS), and she was placed on the Navy list on 1 March. After conversion by Willamette Iron & Steel Works in Portland, Oregon, for service as a helicopter freighter, "Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup" was assigned to MSTS, Pacific Area.

Reporting on 14 June, she teamed up with "Harris County" (LST-822) in the southwest Pacific Ocean, servicing survey sites which were being established to support the nation's missile and space projects.
U.S. Air Force helicopters flew from her deck, and she carried four to six oceanographers from the Naval Oceanographic Office in Washington, D.C.. Charts and sailing directions for the historic World War II area were revised as a result. In May 1968, USNS "Shoup" conducted various oceanographic operations along a track pattern from roughly 20 to 140 miles from the Egyptian coast.

Final decommissioning

"Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup" was withdrawn from service and stripped of oceanographic equipment on 20 December 1969. On 22 January 1970, she was returned to the Maritime Administration and laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet at Suisun Bay, California. "Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup" was struck from the Navy list on 28 April 1970. On 9 May 1973, she was sold to Mr. John Liu of Washington, D.C., for non-transportation purposes.

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