Edward Fitzherbert, 13th Baron Stafford

Edward Stafford Fitzherbert, 13th Baron Stafford (17 April 186428 September 1941) was an English peer, holding the title Baron Stafford. As the senior descendant of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, he was the hereditary heir to the headship of the House of Plantagenet and with it the House of York cadet branch. Edward's father was Basil Thomas Fitzherbert and his mother was Emily Charlotte Stafford-Jerningham.

It was through his mother's side of the family that he gained the Stafford barony; his brother Francis Fitzherbert-Stafford, 12th Baron Stafford had died without issue in 1932. Fitzherbert-Stafford also descended from Genoese nobility as his great grandfather was John Vincent Gandolfi, 12th Marquis Gandolfi. Fitzherbert did not marry and died without issue, the barony thus passed on to his nephew Basil Fitzherbert, 14th Baron Stafford. He died at the family seat of Swynnerton Hall at age 77.


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