Plectreurid spider

name = Plectreurid spiders

image_width = 250px
image_caption = male plectreurid
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Arachnida
ordo = Araneae
superfamilia = Pholcoidea
familia = Plectreuridae
familia_authority = Simon, 1893
diversity_link = List of Plectreuridae species
diversity = 2 genera, 30 species

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subdivision_ranks = Genera
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Plectreurid spiders (family "Plectreuridae") belong to a small family confined to the North American deserts and the island of Cuba. Only two genera are known - the nominate genus "Plectreurys" and "Kibramoa". These ecribellate (lacking a plate-like wooly silk-producing structure anterior to the spinnerets on the venter), haplogyne spiders build haphazard webs under rocks and dead cacti. Relatively little is known of their biology. Unlike the sicariids, scytodids and diguetids, to which they are related, they have eight eyes. In appearance females of "Plectreurys" resemble those of the larger species of the cribellate Filistatidae. They differ in their eye arrangement and in having the first femora (third leg segment from the body) bowed.


"Kibramoa" Chamberlin, 1924
* "Kibramoa guapa" Gertsch, 1958 (USA, Mexico)
* "Kibramoa hermani" Chamberlin & Ivie, 1935 (USA)
* "Kibramoa isolata" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)
* "Kibramoa madrona" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Kibramoa paiuta" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Kibramoa suprenans" (Chamberlin, 1919) (USA)
** "Kibramoa suprenans pima" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Kibramoa yuma" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)

"Plectreurys" Simon, 1893
* "Plectreurys angela" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Plectreurys ardea" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys arida" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys bicolor" Banks, 1898 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys castanea" Simon, 1893 (USA)
* "Plectreurys ceralbona" Chamberlin, 1924 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys conifera" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Plectreurys deserta" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Plectreurys globosa" Franganillo, 1931 (Cuba)
* "Plectreurys hatibonico" Alayón, 2003 (Cuba)
* "Plectreurys misteca" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys mojavea" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Plectreurys monterea" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Plectreurys nahuana" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys oasa" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Plectreurys paisana" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys schicki" Gertsch, 1958 (USA)
* "Plectreurys tecate" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys tristis" Simon, 1893 (USA, Mexico)
* "Plectreurys valens" Chamberlin, 1924 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys vaquera" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)
* "Plectreurys zacateca" Gertsch, 1958 (Mexico)

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* List of Plectreuridae species
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