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"Suikoden Tierkreis" is an upcoming game for the Nintendo DS. The game was announced in Famitsu Magazine.cite web |url= |title=Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Announced|date=2008-08-20] Veteran music composer Norikazu Miura has been confirmed as the game's sound director and will compose music for the game. [ [] , [ Miura to Compose for Tierkreis, 22 Aug 2008] He will be joined by Yoshino Aoki and Masaharu Iwata.

The game opens as the leader of 108 heroes engages the main antagonist known as "The One King" in battle. The leader is defeated along with all but four heroes. The player takes on the role of an unnamed character (seemingly not the previous leader) trying to assemble the 108 heroes to prepare for an attack on The One King. It is currently unknown whether the defeat shown in the introduction precedes the game or if the game is actually a flashback leading to that scene. The game is set in the Kingdom of Salsavillecite web |url= |title=Suikoden Tierkreis Announced for DS|date=2008-08-20] which is rumored to be located west of the original "Suikoden"'s setting of Toran / Scarlet Moon Empire.


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The Hero

This installment’s hero is a boy. In a remote area, in a small village called Citro Village, there was a vigilante corps. They exterminated thieves and monsters that attacked the village, improving their talents. He is described to be "the optimistic and act-before-you-think" type.


She is the daughter of Citro Village’s village chief. She has also been a friend of the main character since childhood. She joined the town guards against her parent’s objection. She didn’t join the town guards out of fickle impulse, nor solely to keep herself entertained; she takes her duty very seriously.


Belongs to the Citro Village vigilante corps. Taciturn and often acts arrogant or defiant towards outsiders. However, his friends are very important to him and he often follows the nonchalant hero.


A young man who settle in Citro Village several years ago, ad so far, his origins are unknown. He has become completely open to the Hero, Jale, and others. Though not good at being rough, he serves in the Vigilante Corps.


In Citro Village’s Vigilante Corps, he’s charged with the duty of watching after the young ones. He’s popular among the youth. The young men call him “Older Brother” and look up to him. He also teaches the Hero, Jale, and others how to fight.

The Other Marica

An enigma of a young girl who came through the gate, which allows travel between the million worlds. She looks exactly like Marica and even calls herself as such. She appears to have come to this world looking for “something”…


The female swordsman leader of the “Swordsmen of the Night” that, in recent years, she has become famous. She and her swordsmen fight against the Society that has become dependent on the Janam Magic Empire.


Girl from the Ranbaru Tribe that ravels throughout the world to trade. Brightfully cheerful, this shop stall owner immediately desires to offer her help in other people’s business. She meets the hero’s party while they are searching for the Marica imposter in Freselia Forest nearby Cidro Village. The hero requests various services of her.


President of the “One Way Society” that aims to achieve an ideal world where people will be without worry. Willing to use military force, in recent years their power has rapidly expanded.


She serves as librarian for the library in “Shirube Tower,” which is the One Way Society’s base and a symbolic structure of Sainasu.


Male character with redhair, tribal garb.


Male character with horn.


Male member of "Swordsmen of the Night".


Female character with silver hair, red cape.


Male character, silver hair.


Female samurai. White cloak, two katanas.


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