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* "Larissa", female first name, possibly derived from the city of this name in Greece or from the Christian Saint. It can also be spelled Larisa. A Russian short form is Lara, made famous through Pasternak's novel "Doctor Zhivago" [/ [ Behind the Name] ] .

*Larissa (mythology), a nymph from Greek mythology
* Saint Larissa, an early martyr venerated by the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches.

* Larissa, an important city in Greece.
** Larissa Prefecture, an administrative division of Greece, centered on the city of Larissa
**AEL 1964, a football club from Larissa
** "Larissa", Hellenistic name of Shaizar, Syria (at the time settled by colonists from the Greek city)

*Larissa, Turkey, an ancient city in Turkey, in the immediate vicinity of Menemen district of İzmir
*Larissa (Argolis), the acropolis of Argos in Greece

*Larissa (moon), a moon of Neptune
*1162 Larissa, an asteroid
*"Larisa" (film), a 1980 short film directed by Elem Klimov


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