3 Talma (magician)

Talma (magician)

Talma was the stage name of Mary Ann Ford (1861 - July 13, 1944) a female magician who is best known for performing with her husband Servais Le Roy in the act "Le Roy, Talma & Bosco". Talma was born in England while her husband was Belgian. She became accomplished at performing sleight of hand and manipulation acts, especially coin manipulation, and she was often billed as "The Queen of Coins". As a performer she adopted the name Mercedes Talma but was generally known just as Talma. [cite web
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] She formed a long-running stage partnership with her husband and their colleague Leon Bosco. They named their act "The Comedians de Mephisto Co" but they were much better known as Le Roy, Talma & Bosco. Le Roy is credited with devising the Asrah levitation illusion, which he and Talma first performed in London in 1914.cite web
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