Tiputa Pass

Tiputa Pass

Tiputa Pass is located on the north-west portion of Rangiroa lagoon in the Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia. There are only 2 passes on Rangiroa, the second one is Avatoru Pass. Tiputa pass separates Avatoru village and Tiputa village. [Pacific Magazine - [http://www.pacificmagazine.net/issue/2002/05/01/rangiroas-world-of-treasure Rangiroa's World of Treasure] ]

Scuba Diving

Tiputa pass is a well-know scuba diving destination. During austral summer (december-march), greath hammerhead sharks and manta's rays stays in this area. [ [http://www.tahiti.com/english-version/about-tahiti/gen-resources/diving-rangiroa.html Diving Rangiroa] ] [ [http://www.the6passengers.com/ The 6 Passengers Dive Center] ]


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