Antiphanes (comic poet)

Antiphanes (comic poet)

Antiphanes, the most important writer of the Middle Attic comedy with the exception of Alexis, lived from about 408 to 334 BCE.

He was apparently a foreigner (perhaps from Cius, on the Propontis, Smyrna or Rhodes) [Manual of Greek Literature: From the Earliest Authentic Periods to the Close of Byzantine Era Page 221 by Charles Anthon (1853)] who settled in Athens , where he began to write about 387. He was extremely prolific: more than 200 of the 365 (or 260) comedies attributed to him are known to us from the titles and considerable fragments preserved in Athenaeus. They chiefly deal with matters connected with the table, but contain many striking sentiments.

Fragments in Koch, "Comicorum Atticorum Fragmenta", ii (1884); also Clinton, "Philological Museum", i (1832).



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