:"This article is about the ancient cities named Apamea; for the moth genus, see Apamea (moth genus)"

Apamea or Apameia ( _el. Απάμεια) is the name of several Hellenistic cities in western Asia, after Apama, the wife of Seleucus I Nicator:
*Apamea (Syria), on the Orontes River, northwest of Hama, Syria
*Apamea (Babylonia), on the Tigris near the Euphrates, precise location unknown, now in Iraq
*Apamea (Sittacene), on the Tigris, precise location unknown, now in Iraq
*Apamea (Media), in Media, near Laodicea (Nahavand, Iran), precise location unknown
*Apamea Myrlea, formerly "Myrlea" and "Brylleion", in Bithynia, on the Sea of Marmara; currently near Mudanya, Bursa Province, Turkey
*Apamea (Euphrates), in Osroene, opposite Zeugma on the Euphrates, now flooded by the Birecik Dam, Turkey
*Apamea (Phrygia), formerly "Kibotos", commercial center of Phrygia, near Celaenae, now at Dinar, Afyonkarahisar Province, Turkey
*Apamea Ragiana, south of the Caspian Gates in Parthia (later Media); now in Iran

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