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The American Shale Oil Corporation (AMSO), formerly known as EGL Oil Shale, LLC, is a developer of in-situ oil shale extraction technology. It is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (75%) and EGL Resources, Inc., (25%) a privately owned independent oil and gas company with operations in the southwestern United States. AMSO is based in Midland, Texas with offices in Glenwood Springs and Rifle, Colorado.Cite paper
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EGL Oil Shale was established as a subsidiary of EGL Resources, a privately owned independent oiland gas company with operations in the southwestern United States. In 2006, it was awarded a lease by the United States Bureau ofLand Management to develop and demonstrate its in-situ oil shale extraction technology in Western Colorado. On 22 January 2008 IDT Corporation and EGL Resources signed an agreement, according to which IDT acquired 75% of EGL Oil Shale and renamed it AMSO, LLC. AMSO was formed on 15 February 2008.cite news
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The EGL Resources Process combines horizontal wells, through which steam is passed, and vertical wells, which provide both vertical heat transfer through refluxing of generated oil and a means to collect and produce the oil. In contrast to the Equity process, the steam circulates through a closed loop, and no fluids are injected into the formation. Horizontal heat transfer from the vertical wells is similar to that in the Shell ICP, and a similar quality of oil is expected. EGL Resources is leasing a convert|160|acre|m2|-4 test tract in the Piceance Basin from the Bureau of Land Management.cite web
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The company's chairman and chief executive officer is Howard Jonas, the founder and chairman of IDT Corporation. The vice chairman is Wesley Perry, the president of EGL Resources and mayor of Midland, Texas. The vice president for operations is Roger L. Day and the chief technology officer is Alan K. Burnham.


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