Humanitarian response to the 2008 South Ossetia war

Humanitarian response to the 2008 South Ossetia war

This article documents the aid by several countries to the people suffered due to the 2008 South Ossetia war.

On August 8, the Russian Ministry of the Emergency Situations sent a mobile hospital to North Ossetia. [ [ Shelling of South Ossetia capital stopped] , Russia Today, August 9, 2008]

On August 9, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised to spend at least 10 bln rubles (approx. $420 million USD) to reconstruct the infrastructure and facilities in South Ossetia. [ru icon [ Россия готова увеличить помощь Южной Осетии] , Lenta.Ru, 10.08.2008]

On August 10, Russia's Emergency Situation Minister said that Russia would send a humanitarian aid convoy with 200 tons of food, 16 tons of medical supplies, six electricity generators and water filters, from Russia's North Ossetian capital of Vladikavkaz to Tskhinvali. [ [ Russia to send more aid convoys to S. Ossetia] , RIA Novosti, 10/ 08/ 2008] On the same day, Russia said it had sent 120 tons of food to South Ossetia and 17 tons of medicine to prevent humanitarian icon [ МЧС России направило 120 тонн продовольствия жителям Южной Осетии] , Interfax, August 10, 2008]

On August 11, the Russian government additionally allocated $200 million in urgent aid for South Ossetia, to tackle the growing humanitarian catastrophe, according to Russia's envoy to NATO. [ [ Russia to provide $200 mln in urgent aid for S. Ossetia] , RIA Novosti, 11/ 08/ 2008] It was reported that Russia was blocking Georgian medical staff from entering Tskhinvali. [ [ Russia stopping aid workers entering South Ossetia: Tbilisi] , August 15, 2008] Germany pledged $1.5 million, while France promised to send 30 metric tons of supplies. [ [ France, Germany contribute aid for Georgia] , Associated Press, August 11, 2008]

On August 12, the Romanian Supreme Council of National Defense decided to send humanitarian aid to Georgia, consisting of drugs and medical equipment. [ro icon [ CSAT: ROMÂNIA VA ACORDA ASISTENŢĂ UMANITARĂ GEORGIEI] , Antena 3, August 12, 2008] [ro icon [ Comunicat de presa 12.08.2008 REF: Şedinţa Consiliului Suprem de Apărare a Ţării] , CSAT Press Center, August 12, 2008] Spain has contributed €0.5 million in aid, working with the Red Cross to help refugees. [ [ Spain sends half a million euros in emergency aid to the population affected by the conflict in Georgia] , ReliefWeb, 12 Aug 2008] A cargo of humanitarian aid of medical items to the value of 20,000 lats (€ 14,000) was sent to Georgia from Latvia; in addition, the Government allocated 100,000 lats "(€ 140,000)" from contingency resources to assist Georgia in overcoming the consequences of the war. [ [ Latvia provides humanitarian aid to Georgia] , Foreign Ministry of Latvia, 13 Aug 2008] Lithuania gave Georgia 86,000 euros worth of aid in sleeping bags and medical supplies. [ [ Lithuania sends humanitarian aid to Georgia] , The Baltic Course, 12.08.2008] Estonia and Poland have sent, in addition to humanitarian aid, computer experts to fend off Russian cyberattacks. [ [ Update: Estonia, Poland help Georgia fight cyberattacks] , IDG News Service, August 12, 2008]

On August 13, United States President George W. Bush said the U.S. would send humanitarian aid to Georgia; the first U.S. military cargo plane arrived in Georgia that day as part of Operation Assured Delivery. [ Bush Sending Aid to Georgia] , "The New York Times", August 13, 2008] cite news |url= |title=US forces to deliver Georgia aid |publisher=BBC News |date=2008-08-13 ] [;_ylt=AvkcpLuKEZzhb9yof9j6Zk.s0NUE Medvedev says Russian pullback to begin Monday] , Associated Press, August 13, 2008] [ [ Bush orders U.S. military to help Georgian civilians] , CNN, August 13, 2008] Czech republic and its armed forces send on this day one plane of supplies, mainly antibiotics and blood products. cite news |url= |title=Czech armed forces sending humanitarian aid to Georgia|publisher=Army.Cz | date=2008-08-13] Australia has offered Georgia $1 million dollars in humanitarian aid. [ [ Australia offers humanitarian aid to Georgia] , Associated Press, August 13, 2008]

On August 14, Belarus sent 60 tons of humanitarian aid to South Ossetia. Belarus also is ready to host 2-3 thousands children from South Ossetia for the next two months. [ru icon [ Белоруссия отправила гуманитарную помощь Южной Осетии] ,, 15.08.2008]

On August 15, the United Nations said 118,000 had been displaced in the conflict [ [,25197,24187957-12377,00.html 118,000 displaced in Georgia conflict] , "The Australian", August 15, 2008] and "large parts of the conflict-affected area, particularly South Ossetia and the Gori region, remain, for the most part, inaccessible to humanitarian organizations due to ongoing insecurity, lawlessness and other constraints." [ [ Noon briefing, UN Headquarters] ] A "Wall Street Journal" report described how three staffers of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) were carjacked at a Russian checkpoint near Gori. [ [ Russian Army Stands By As Mayhem Reigns in Gori] , "The Wall Street Journal", August 15, 2008] Reuters reported that nonetheless supplies were being distributed in the Russian-occupied town of Gori by the U.S. government's aid agency World Food Program. [ [ Food handed out in Gori, Georgia in U.S. aid effort] , Reuters, Aug 15, 5:31 PM]

On August 16, several hundred builders from North Ossetia-Alania were scheluded to arrive to participate in the reconstruction of the capital Tskhinvali. [ [ Hundred builders from N Ossetia arrive in Tskhinval] , Itar-Tass, 16.08.2008]

On August 18, a convoy with humanitarian help from Russia, initiated by the Russian Orthodox Church, was also sent to Georgian city of icon [ В Гори пришла колонна с российской гуманитарной помощью] , Lenta.Ru, 18 Aug 2008]

On August 24, the U.S. Navy Destroyer USS McFaul docked at Georgia's Black Sea port Batumi and commenced delivery of humantarian supplies as part of Operation Assured Delivery. [ [ Navy Warship Docks in Georgia with Aid] ]


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