List of Maryland hurricanes (1950–1979)

Between 1950 and 1979, twenty-nine known tropical cyclones have affected the U.S. state of Maryland. The Delmarva Peninsula is often affected by cyclones that brush the East Coast,Cite web|author=Tropical Prediction Center|title=Best Track Anaylsis|year=|publisher=Unisys corporation|accessdate=2008-05-08|url=] while central and western Maryland commonly receive rainfall from the remnants of storms that make landfall elsewhere and track northward.Cite web|author=David Roth|title=Tropical Cyclone Rainfall in the Mid-Atlantic|year=|publisher=Hydrometeorological Prediction Center|accessdate=2008-05-03|url=] Hurricanes are the most intense classification of tropical cyclones; tropical storms and tropical depressions are generally weaker.

Hurricane Agnes of the 1972 season was the deadliest storm, killing 19 people as a result of heavy flooding. Agnes was also the costliest storm, leaving about $80 million (1972 USD). Hurricane Hazel caused sustained hurricane-force winds (winds of 75 mph (121 km/h) or greater) in the state, the only storm during the time period to do so.cite web|author=Hurricane Research Division|year=2008|title=Chronological List of All Hurricanes which Affected the Continental United States: 1851-2007|publisher=National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration|accessdate=2008-03-21|url=] No storms made landfall in Maryland at hurricane intensity. During the time period, tropical cyclones have killed 40 people and caused over $93 million in damage.


*September 9, 1950 – Outer moisture from Hurricane Dog drops heavy rainfall in the Mid-Atlantic. In Bel Air, a car drove into the swollen Gunpowder River; three people in the car drowned and a fourth was injured.cite news|author=Lowell Sun|date=1950-09-12|title=Hurricane Misses Nantucket|accessdate=2008-08-24]
*September 1, 1952 – Tropical Storm Able crosses the state, although damage, if any, is unknown.cite web|author=Hurricane Research Division|year=2008|title=Best Track of Atlantic tropical cyclones (1851–2007)|publisher=National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration|accessdate=2008-08-24|url=]
*October 15, 1954 – Hurricane Hazel crosses the state, producing hurricane-force winds.cite web|author=Hurricane Research Division|year=2008|title=Chronological List of All Hurricanes which Affected the Continental United States: 1851-2007|publisher=National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration|accessdate=2008-03-21|url=] In addition to wind damage, flooding was severe along the Chesapeake Bay, while flash flooding was reported inland. Overall, six deaths and about $11 million (1954 USD) in damage were reported.
*August 12, 1955 – Tropical Storm Connie makes landfall in southern Maryland, dropping heavy rainfall peaking at convert|12.32|in|mm|abbr=on in Preston. The rainfall leads to flooding which causes $2.5 million (1955 USD; $2.9 million 2007 USD) in damage. When the schooner "Levin J. Marvel" capsizes in high seas, 14 people drown.cite web|author=R.W. James, Jr|title=Maryland and the District of Columbia: Floods and Droughts|year=2008|publisher=USGS|accessdate=2008-08-24
*August 18, 1955 – As Tropical Storm Diane begins its turn to the east-northeast over Virginia, associated heavy rains, combined with saturated grounds from Connie just days before, cause flooding in central parts of the state, especially along the Potomac River.cite web|author=|title=Hurricanes and Maryland|year=2008||accessdate=2008-08-24|url=]
*September 19, 1955 – Hurricane Ione makes landfall in North Carolina; its outer moisture produces light rainfall across the state. [cite web|author=David Roth|year=2006|title=Hurricane Ione - September 18-20, 1955|publisher=Hydrometeorological Prediction Center|accessdate=2008-08-24|url=]
*September 28, 1956 – Hurricane Flossy passes southeast of the state, producing up to convert|3.30|in|mm|abbr=on of rain. In nearby Washington, D.C., a peak wind gust of convert|45|mph|km/h|abbr=on is reported.
*September 28, 1958 – Hurricane Helene remains well off of the Carolina coast, though light rain falls across the Mid-Atlantic states. [cite web|author=David Roth|title=Hurricane Helene - September 25-29, 1958|year=|publisher=Hydrometeorological Prediction Center|accessdate=2008-08-24|url=]
*September 30, 1959 – The remnants of Hurricane Gracie drop moderate rainfall over western Maryland.


*July 30, 1960 – Tropical Storm Brenda crosses southeastern Maryland. The storm's rainfall causes flooding in St. Mary's County.
*September 12, 1960 – Hurricane Donna passes just offshore, producing wind gusts of over convert|100|mph|km/h|abbr=on in Ocean City. [cite web|author=Michael A. Grammatico|title=Major Hurricanes - Virginia to Massachusetts|year=||accessdate=2008-08-24|url=] Flooding along the eastern shore causes two deaths.
*September 21, 1961 – Hurricane Esther moves northward, parallel to the coast. Wind gusts to 45 mph (70 km/h) are observed at Ocean City, and storm surge flooding causes damage to the city's sea wall and boardwalk.cite web | url =| title = Hurricane Esther Tropical Cyclone Report (page 1) | accessdate = 2006-06-09 | year = 1961 | publisher = NOAA]
*September 1, 1964 – In Westernport, convert|5.80|in|mm|abbr=on of rain falls as Tropical Storm Cleo tracks just south of the state.
*October 17, 1964 – The remnants of Hurricane Isbell drop light rainfall.
*September 13, 1965 – The remnants of Hurricane Betsy produce light rainfall across western part of the state. [cite web|author=David Roth|title=Hurricane Betsy - September 6-13, 1965|year=|publisher=Hydometeorological Prediction Center|accessdate=2008-08-24|url=]
*September 16, 1967 – Tropical Storm Doria makes landfall in Virginia; associated high seas damage the boardwalk at Ocean City. [cite web|author=|title=Hurricane Doria|year=1967|publisher=U.S. Department of Commence|accessdate=2008-08-24|url=|format=PDF]
*October 20, 1968 – As Hurricane Gladys parallels the east coast, tides of up to convert|4|ft|m|abbr=on are felt along the coast. As a result, street flooding is reported in Ocean City. [cite web|author=|title=Hurricane Gladys, September 13-25, 1961|year=1968|publisher=U.S. Weather Bureau|accessdate=2008-08-24|url=|format=PDF]
*August 20, 1969 – The remnants of Hurricane Camille cause extensive flooding in Virginia,cite web|author=David Roth|title=Virginia Hurricane History: Late Twentieth Century|year=|publisher=Hydrometeorological Prediction Center|accessdate=2008-08-24|url=] though they drop only moderate rainfall peaking at convert|6.55|in|mm|abbr=on in Maryland.
*September 9, 1969 – Hurricane Gerda intensifies offshore, prompting a hurricane watch for eastern Maryland. [cite news|author=The Fredrick Post|year=1969|title=Hurricane Watch in the Fredrick Area|accessdate=2008-08-24] Because the storm remained offshore, only light precipitation falls.


*August 28, 1971 – Tropical Storm Doria parallels the east coast, resulting in tides 2.7 feet (0.8 m) above normal in Fort Henry. [cite web|author=R.H. Simpson & John R. Hope|year=1972|title=Atlantic Hurricane Season of 1971|publisher=National Hurricane Center|accessdate=2008-08-23|url=|format=PDF]
*Early October, 1971 – The remnants of Hurricane Ginger make landfall in North Carolina, turn north-northeast, and brush southern Maryland with light rainfall. [cite web|author=David Roth|title=Hurricane Ginger - September 29-October 4, 1971|year=|publisher=Hydrometeorological Prediction Center|accessdate=2008-08-23|url=]
*June 2, 1972 – Heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Agnes, combined with a separate low to the west, contribute to the state's worst flooding in 36 years. Severe damage and at least 19 deaths are reported throughout the region. [cite book|author=J. F. Bailey, J. L. Patterson, and J. L. H. Paulhus|work=Geological Survey Professional Paper 924|title=Hurricane Agnes Rainfall and Floods, June-July 1972|publisher=United States Government Printing Office|location=Washington D.C.|year=1975.] Throughout the state, 1,930 were damaged, of which 103 were destroyed. 17 farm buildings were destroyed and 44 damaged, and 82 small businesses were destroyed. Total damage is estimated at $80 million (1972 USD; $392 million 2007 USD).
*September 3, 1973 – Tropical Storm Carrie remains well offshore, though its outer bands drop light precipitation across the southern Delmarva Peninsula.
*September 23 – September 26, 1975 – Hurricane Eloise becomes an extratropical frontal low over Virginia. The storm's moisture drops convert|14.23|in|mm|abbr=on of rain in Westminster, causing severe flooding, particularly in the Monocacy and Patapsco River basins.cite web
title=An Assessment Of Maryland’s Vulnerability To Flood Damage
publisher=Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative
] [cite web|author=|title=Appendix 1|year=|publisher=Maryland Department of the Environment|accessdate=2008-08-23|url=|format=PDF]
*October 27, 1975 – Tropical Storm Hallie becomes extratropical to the east of the state; light rain falls over the southern Delmarva Peninsula.
*August 9, 1976 – Hurricane Belle parallels the east coast, prompting hurricane warnings for the coastline. The center of the storm passes to the east of the state, producing wind gusts of around convert|70|mph|km/h|abbr=on at Ocean City.cite web|author=Lawrence|year=1976|title=1976 Monthly Weather Review|publisher=National Hurricane Center|accessdate=2006-07-27|url=|format=PDF]
*Mid-September, 1976 – Subtropical Storm Three becomes extratropical to the south of the state. The resulting low moves northward, dropping moderate rainfall.
*July 29 – July 31, 1979 – The remnants of Tropical Storm Claudette drop light, spotty rainfall in southern areas. [cite web|author=David Roth|title=Tropical Storm Claudette - July 16-31, 1979 |year=|publisher=Hydrometeorological Prediction Center|accessdate=2008-08-22|url=]
*September 5, 1979 – Tropical Storm David crosses the western part of the state, dropping up to convert|9.40|in|mm|abbr=on of rainfall.cite web|author=David Roth|title=Tropical Cyclone Rainfall in the Mid-Atlantic|year=2001|publisher=Hydrometeorological Prediction Center|accessdate=2008-08-22|url=] Associated bands spawn seven tornadoes throughout the state. [cite web|author=Barbara Watson|title=Virginia's Weather History|year=2008|publisher=Virginia Department of Emergency Management|accessdate=2008-08-22|url=] One of the tornadoes strikes near Crofton, causing tree and structure damage, as well as one injury. [cite web|author=Barbara Watson|title=Maryland Listing of Tornadoes by County|year=2001|publisher=Baltimore/Washington National Weather Service|accessdate=2008-08-22|url=]

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Deadly storms

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