Blue Moon (disambiguation)

Blue Moon may refer to:


* A blue moon, an astronomical phenomenon
* Blue Moon (and Aurelia), two hypothetical satellites for extraterrestrial life in the TV documentary "Alien Worlds"
* Hypolimnas bolina, a species of nymphalid butterfly


* "Blue Moon" (song), a popular 1934 song written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart
* "Blue Moon of Kentucky", a 1947 bluegrass song covered by artists such as Elvis Presley or Paul McCartney
* "Blue Moon", a 1996 country album by Toby Keith
* "Blue Moon", a 2000 country album by Steve Holy
* "Blue Moon", a 2002 blues album by Robben Ford
* "Blue Moon", a 2005 album by Swedish musician Sofia Talvik
* "Blue Moon", a 1995 song released by German synthpop band De/Vision on their second release "Unversed In Love"

Books and Magazines

* "Blue Moon" (novel), a 1998 novel by Laurell K. Hamilton, in the "Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter" series
* "Blue Moon" (fanzine), a UK football fanzine dedicated to the Peterborough United F.C.


* Blue Moon (movie), the title of many movies
* "Blue Moon" (game), a card game designed by Reiner Knizia
* "Blue Moon" (talk show), a German language radio talk show
* Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon

Food and beverages

* Blue Moon (ice cream), a blue colored ice cream popular in the mid-west U.S.
* Blue Moon (beer), a Belgian-style white beer manufactured by Coors
* Blue Moon (cocktail), a cocktail based on Blue Curaçao and other alcohols (gin, vodka, etc.)
* Blue Moon Tavern, a Portland, Oregon-based McMenamins restaurant location.


* Blue Moon Aviation, a U.S. charter airline for VIPs and sport teams
* Blue Moon Tavern, a U.S. tavern in Seattle, Washington since 1934
* Blue Moon, a fictional country in the video game Advance Wars
* Blue Moon, Kentucky, a location in Floyd County, Kentucky, USA

Other topics

* "Blue Moon" Odom (John, born 1945), a 1970s U.S. Major League Baseball player
* Blue Moon (slang), exposing one's bare buttocks on a cold day
* Blue Mooning (slang), exposing one's bare genitals instead of buttocks
* Blue Moon Rendering Tools, a free photorealistic 3D rendering system for digital imaging
* "Blue Moon", a variety of lilac rose
* Operation Blue Moon, a low-level photo reconnaissance mission flown over Cuba during Cuban Missile Crisis

ee also

* Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, a 2005 computer game
* Once In A Blue Moon, a series of graphic novels written by Nunzio DeFilippis at Oni Press since 2004
* Once in a Blue Moon (Charmed episode), a 2004 episode of U.S. TV series Charmed
* Once in a Blue Moon (stories), a short story collection by Magnus Mills

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