Kirov, Kirov Oblast

Infobox Russian city
EnglishName = Kirov
RussianName = Киров
Skyline = Teatralnaya_Ploshad.jpg

LatDeg = 58 | LatMin = 36 | LatSec = 00
LonDeg = 49 | LonMin = 39 | LonSec = 00


CityDay = September 17
FederalSubject = Kirov Oblast
MunStatus = Urban okrug
InJurisdictionOf = Kirov Oblast
AdmCtrOf = Kirov Oblast
LeaderType = Head
LeaderName = Vladimir Bykov
Legislature =
Charter =
Area_km2 = 757
Population = 503043
PopulationRank =
FoundationDate = 1181
Event1 = First mention
Event1Date = 1374
PostalCode = 610000-610050
DialingCode = 8332
Website =

Kirov ( _ru. Ки́ров), formerly known as Vyatka and Khlynov, is a city in north-eastern European Russia, on the Vyatka River, administrative center of Kirov Oblast. Geographical location coord|58|36|N|49|39|E|. Population (2002 census): 457,578.


The fort of Khlynov, situated just west from the Ural Mountains, was founded by Novgorodian entrepreneurs in 1181. It is first mentioned as town in documents from 1374. Khlynov was incorporated into Muscovy in 1489 and became known throughout Russia for its clay statuettes and whistles. The town's oldest surviving monument is the Assumption Cathedral (1689), an imposing structure surmounted by five globular domes.

In 1781 Catherine the Great renamed Khlynov to Vyatka and made it a centre of separate "guberniya". The town also served as a place of exile, notably for Alexander Herzen and Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin. By the end of the 19th century, it was an important station on the Trans-Siberian railway. In December 1934, it was renamed after the Soviet leader Sergey Kirov, who had been assassinated on December 1.


Kirov is a major transportation hub (railway; Trans-Siberian main) and river port. It is served by Kirov Pobedilovo airport. During the 1990s this airport was closed and for several years there were not regular flights to any destinations. There were signs of revival in air transportation as several companies were trying to start flights from Kirov to Moscow and Krasnodar in the 2003-2006 summer seasons and since 2006 Kirov airport has been using by a local company operating flights to Moscow.

Kirov River port became a bankrupt company in the late 90s and all river boats were sold to other regions. Kirov region is also famous for some of the worst highways and [ city streets] among neighbour regions. Kirov is a center of machine building; metallurgy, light, the printing trade, and the timber industry.


Kirov has several museums, universities and theaters. According to a report in "Pravda" dated January 4, 2005, Kirov is known as the "city of twins" for the unusually high number of multiple births there.

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