Railway line Prague-Smíchov–Hostivice

Railway line Prague-Smíchov–Hostivice, also known as Prague Semmering, was built 1868-1872 by company "Buštěhrad Railway" [Czech: "Buštěhradská dráha", German: "Buschtiehrader Eisenbahn"] as part of its connection between Prague and Chomutov.

The line was opened for cargo transport on 3. July 1872. It used to transport coal and wood to Prague. Transport of passengers followed on 16. September 1872.

In the current timetable, it is part of line 122 from Prague Main railway station to Rudná. It is used to transport passengers between Hostivice and Praha-Zličín, where is a terminal station of several tram lines and bus lines.

On the 9 km long section between Prague-Smíchov and Prague-Jinonice the line climbs elevation difference of 90 meters. There are two large viaducts, 20 und 22 meters high.


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* [http://www.zelpage.cz/trate/ceska-republika/trat-122 Praha–Hostivice–Rudná u Prahy auf www.zelpage.cz]
* [http://www.hrady.cz/index.php?OID=1882 Fotos der Viadukte des Prager Semmering]

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