Khong mon

Khong mon

The khōng mōn (ฆ้องมอญ) is a gong-circle instrument which is associated with the Mon people of mainland Southeast Asia. It produces the same range of pitches as the more common "khōng wōng" gong circle, but rather than resting on the ground, the wooden frame of the "khōng mōn" extends into the air in the shape of a horseshoe. The image of a half-man, half-bird figure carved onto the frame is traditional, and is meant to symbolize a celestial musician. The frame is also typically decoated lavishly in gold paint and glass inlay.

"Khōng mōn" are featured in a special type of Thai ensemble called "pī phāt", which plays "pī phāt mōn" funeral music. Though the instruments, ensemble, and music are derived from the culture of the Mon people, they have been incorporated into the mainstream of traditional Thai music as well; "pī phāt mōn" is usually performed by Thai musicians.

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*Khong wong yai
*Khong wong lek


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