Davetsiz Misafir

"Davetsiz Misafir" (The Uninvited guest) is Turkey's unique magazine of science-fiction, politics and criticism.

It was founded in 2002 and published as a non-profit publication by students from social and political science departments of Bogazici University. Davetsiz Misafir is nowadays the nation-wide known Turkey’s unique science-fiction, politics and criticism magazine with its writers composed of students, men of letters, scientists, academics, feminists, anarchists, activists, and even prisoners from all over the country. It includes articles concerning politics, post-structuralism, anarchism, feminism, anti-militarism, independent cinema, and arts. Between 2002 and 2005 the magazine was published seasonally and distrubed nationwide. The first Turkish translation of Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto appeared in the 9nth issue of Davetsiz Misafir Magazine. Striking interviews with famous writers, thinkers and activists such as Noam Chomsky, Jean Baudrillard, Unabomber, Arthur Kroker, J. G. Ballard, Peter Sloterdijk was published during this period. After the publication of the 10th issue of the magazine, in 2006 Davetsiz Misafir was converted into an online magazine. Right now the online-magazine is accessible through www.davetsizmisafir.org An English equivalent of the magazine is available at www.uninvitedguest.net

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