Missile Me!

Missile Me!
Studio album by Guitar Wolf
Released Japan, July 1995
US, November 19, 1996
Recorded 1994–1995
Genre Rock
Length 28:05
Label Less than TV (Japan)
Matador Records (US)
Ole 219-2
Producer Guitar Wolf
Guitar Wolf chronology
Run Wolf Run
Missile Me!
Planet of the Wolves

Missile Me! is the second studio album by the Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf. It was released in Japan in July 1995, then in the US on November 19, 1996.Cover Images by Dominik Huber / Dominikphoto.com

Track listing

  1. "Missile Me"
  2. "Hurricane Rock"
  3. "Kung Fu Ramone Culmination Tactic"
  4. "Can-Nana Fever"
  5. "Midnight Violence Rock’n Roll"
  6. "Link Wray Man"
  7. "Guitar Star"
  8. "Racing Rock"
  9. "Jet Rock’n Roll"
  10. "Devil Stomp"
  11. "Jet Blues"
  12. "Venus Drive"

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