Territorial Prelature of Isabela

Infobox Diocese| jurisdiction=Territorial Prelature
name= Isabela
latin= Territorialis Praelatura Isabellapolitanus
country= Philippines| metropolitan=Zamboanga
rite=Latin Rite
cathedral = Cathedral of St. Elizabeth of Portugal
(Sta. Isabel Parish)
cocathedral =
area= 1,359
population= 332,828
population_as_of= 2004
catholics= 90,329
catholics_percent= 27.1
bishop= Martin S. Jumoad
coadjutor =
auxiliary_bishops =

The Territorial Prelature of Isabela {Latin: " Territorialis Praelatura Isabellapolitan(us)"} is a Roman Catholic territorial prelature located in the city of Isabela City in the Ecclesiastical province of Zamboanga in the Philippines.


* October 12, 1963: Established as Territorial Prelature of Isabela from the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Zamboanga


* Prelates of Isabela (Roman rite)
** Bishop Martin S. Jumoad (November 21, 2001 – present)
** Bishop Romulo Tolentino de la Cruz (January 28, 1989 – January 8, 2001)
** Bishop José María Querejeta Mendizábal, C.M.F. (October 24, 1963 – January 28, 1989)


* [http://www.gcatholic.com/dioceses/diocese/isab0.htm Giga-Catholic Information]
* [http://www.catholic-hierarchy.org/diocese/disab.html Catholic Hierarchy]
* [http://www.cbcponline.net/isabela/ Prelature website ]

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