Dunce Upon a Time

"Dunce Upon a Time" is episode number 6.2 of the Happy Tree Friends TV Series.


tarring Roles

* Giggles

Featuring Roles

* Lumpy
* Nutty
* Lifty & Shifty
* Cuddles
* Petunia
* Handy
* Mime
* Flaky
* Sniffles
* Toothy


Giggles and Nutty are huddling themselves by their farm because they would die of starvation without food. Even their cow doesn't provide milk anymore. They don't have any other choice but to sell the cow at the market for money to buy food. As Nutty brings the cow to the village market, Lifty and Shifty appear behind the tree and they offer the trade of the cow for magic jellybeans. So, Nutty makes the deal and they head out their separate ways. Nutty shows Giggles what she thinks is coins, but she's disgusted that he traded their cow for jellybeans and he eats them all and he gets one of the sugar rushes and Giggles is very disappointed in him.

Later that night, the twosome decided that they should go to bed without supper. At the light of the quarter moon, Nutty has a stomachache, but he has a dream of eating the world's biggest candy cane. As he chokes down on it, while in reality, the beanstalk is growing inside his body and it carries the house all the way to the starry-filled sky.

In the morning, Giggles wakes up to start her chores, and when she looks outside, she sees a castle, which is the most beautiful place she has ever seen. Meanwhile, Lumpy prepares to cook some stew when suddenly, there's a knock at the door. When he opens the door, there's just one problem: Lumpy's a giant and he mistakes Giggles as a mouse as she runs inside the castle to hide in the mouse hole. Lumpy gets angry and he sets up a mousetrap with some cheese to make Giggles come out of hiding.

Lumpy gets back to his cooking. He uses the Happy Tree Friends which he has captured as ingredients. First, he picks Toothy in a jar, and he cracks his head just like an egg. Giggles gets scared by this scene, but she has to be quiet. He grabs Handy next, and when Lumpy tries to break Handy's head, it doesn't work that way. So Lumpy uses a nutcracker to squish Handy's brain and he succeeds, but he gets blood in his eyes. Giggles is so grossed out she feels like she's going to throw up. As Lumpy leaves to wash his face, Giggles comes to the rescue by using Toothy's dead body to spring the mousetrap to fly to the jar cabinet. Because she's too fast, she bumps to the jars of Happy Tree Friends, they fall and break. That noise disturbs Lumpy in the bathroom as he pats water in his face and checks on what's going on in there. All the Happy Tree Friends are free, counting on Mime, who's pantomiming the jar. Lumpy sees that they're loose in the kitchen as he's about to exterminate them, he accidently crushes Mime and the jar to one mushy mess. He wipes the mush out of his foot.

First, he spots the shaking bread and the toaster. He should grab whoever's in there by putting it on high. This is taking too long and Lumpy puts the fork in the toaster and he ends up getting shocked three times and he gets agitated and as he leaves, the burnt toast pops up and reveals Flaky being stabbed by a fork. Sniffles hides in one of the egg containers, but Lumpy the giant spies on that action. He picks it up, but nobody's here. He decides to play the crossing cups gag with the egg containers, and as he picks all of them up, Sniffles' body is being cutted apart.

Lumpy hears Cuddles' sneezing from over there and he's hiding inside the pepper grinder. He picks it up and when he grinds the pepper, Cuddles is grinded to blood and is up to the part of his mouth. Lumpy smells Giggles' scent as she escapes and climbs upstairs and he yells "FEE FI FO FUM!". Giggles finds the door at the top of the tower where Princess Petunia is held captive to spin straw to gold for the giant. As Giggles runs from Lumpy's huge hand, she uses what she thinks is rope to bungee jump out of the window. It turns out to be Petunia's golden hair being braided, and as Giggles about to meet her doom, the braid stops and Petunia's pulled her neck because she's chained to the wall. Finally, her hair pops out of her scalp and Giggles falls to the ground, safe and sound.

Lumpy pops out of the clouds threatening her that he'll get her. Scared by this warning, Giggles runs to get an axe to chop down the beanstalk with Nutty in it. As Lumpy climbs down, the chopping rhythm shakes the beanstalk and Lumpy the giant falls to his final reward. Meanwhile in the abyss, Lifty and Shifty with the cow needed something to use as a bridge when they see Lumpy fall from the sky and he's slammed dead. The brothers try to pull the cow but the tower is heading straight towards them and the climb Lumpy's back and the tower crushes them and tears Lumpy's torso. Giggles is surprised to see her own cow again and she feeds one of the magic jellybeans to the cow and as they live happily ever after to start a new life, the beansprout grows out of its udder.


1. Toothy's head is cracked like an egg.

2. Handy's head is crushed by a nutcracker.

3. Mime is crushed by Lumpy, who accidentally steps on him.

4. Flaky is stabbed in the head with a fork

5. Sniffles' body is ripped apart when Lumpy plays the crossing cups gag.

6. Cuddles is ripped to shreds by the pepper grinder.

7. While Giggles is escaping, she snaps Petunia's neck and rips her hair off her head.

8. Giggles cuts Nutty's throat with an axe in an attempt to cut down the beanstalk.

9. Lifty, Shifty, and Lumpy are killed when a piece of the castle falls on them.

Cultural References

This episode is based on the British fairy tale called "Jack and the Beanstalk".

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