Embassy of India in Rome

The Embassy of India in Rome, Italy maintains diplomatic relations and represents Indian interests in dealing with the Government of Italy. The embassy's chancery is situated at Via XX Settembre next to the Palazzo del Quirinale. The current Indian Ambassador to Italy is Arif Shahid Khan. [cite web | url=http://www.quirinale.it/Fotografie/Fotografia.asp?id=36463 | title=Il Presidente Giorgio Napolitano con S.E. Arif Shahid Khan Ambasciatore della Repubblica dell'India, in occasione della presentazione delle Lettere Credenziali | publisher=Palazzo del Quirinale | accessdate=2008-08-10 ] The Deputy Chief of Mission is Shamma Jain. [cite web | url=http://trieste.rvnet.eu/2008/08/06/tondo-incontra-la-vice-ambasciatrice-indiana/ | title=Tondo Incontra la Vice Ambasciatrice Indiana | publisher=ANSA News Agency | accessdate=2008-08-10 ] The Republic of India also maintains a consulate general in Milan and hononary consualtes in Naples, Genoa, and Livorno. [cite web | url=http://indianembassy.it | title=Embassy of India in Rome | accessdate=2008-08-10]

India-Italy Relations

Diplomatic relations between India and Italy were established in 1947. India and Italy,both are countries with ancient civilizations and grand cultural heritages. Thus, nation building in ademocratic framework while protecting civil liberties and encouraging a free press can be seen tobe common features of both countries. This basic affinity has given both countries anunderstanding of each other's socio political ethos and the framework of developing unity indiversity.

Bilateral political relations between India and Italy are warm and friendly. There is agrowing realization in Italy of the importance of India especially as an economic partner. FormerPresident of Italy Mr. Cario Azeglio Ciampi paid a state visit to India in February 2005,accompanied by a high level ministerial and economic delegation.

Former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi visited India from February 10-15,2007. He was accompanied by Ministers for International Trade and European Affairs; forInfrastructure; for Scientific Research; and for Family; a well as a delegation of about 450businessmen. During the visit, he met the President, Vice President and held talks with the PrimeMinister and EAM. The business delegation had over 4200 business meetings. The focus areas included food processing, financial services,industrial design, leather and tanning and renewable energy. 11 Agreements/MoUs were signed inMumbai, including between Fiat and Tata, ONGC and ENI, and BHEL and SELEX.Minister of State for External Affairs Shri Anand Sharma visited Rome from November14-16, 2006. During the visit, he held wide ranging discussions with Italian political leadersincluding former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Culture, Mr. Francesco Rutelli, formerUndersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Sen. Gianni Vernetti, and former Defence Minister, Mr.Arturo Parisi. The Indian Minister of State for External Affairs also had discussions with Senator Lamberto Dini, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Senate.

The first ever Head of State level visit from Italy to India took place from February 9-12,1995 when Italian President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro visited India. In the same year on May 23-27,Vice President, Shri K.R. Narayanan, visited Italy at the invitation of the President of the ItalianSenate. President Dr. S.D. Sharma visited Italy in October 1996. Later in November 1996, PrimeMinister H.D. Deva Gowda visited Italy for the World Food Summit organized by FAO. He alsomet Prime Minister Prodi and other senior Italian leaders. In September 1997 Prime Minister I.K.Gujral visited Rome and met Prime Minister Prodi, President Scalfaro and Pope John Paul II.Prime Minister Prodi paid an official visit to India in January 1998 and met President Narayanan,Vice President Krishan Kant and Prime Minister Gujral. Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee paid anofficial visit to Italy on June 25-27, 2000 during which he met the President and Prime Ministerof Italy and also called on the Pope. [cite web | url=http://www.meaindia.nic.in/foreignrelation/italy.pdf | title=Foreign Relations of India-Italy | publisher=Ministry of External Affairs | accessdate=2008-08-10 ]

Commercial and Economic Relations

Italy is India’s fourth largest trading partner in the EU.

Principal items of India’s exports to Italy are textiles, readymade garments, leather and leathergoods, granite and similar stones, basic chemicals, gems and jewellery, marine products,engineering goods, iron and steel, bars and sheets, auto vehicles, and auto parts.

Italy accounts for about 1.95% of the total investment approvals from August 1991 toJanuary 2006, with FDI approvals of US$ 1.31 billion and a cumulative inflow of US$ 0.49billion, which is 1.57 % of total inflows. Top sectors attracting FDI from Italy areTransportation Industry (56.19%), Food Processing Industries (8.97%), MetallurgicalIndustries (8.20%), Textiles (including dyed, printed) (4.57%) and Electrical Equipmentsincluding computer software and electronics (4.45%)

Future prospects for investment and trade are encouraging, as India is increasingly beingseen by Italy as an emerging economic power in the world and an important economicpartner in Asia.

Indians in Italy

The number of Indian nationals, including PIOs, in Italy varies between 100,000 to 150,000. Most Indians work in farms, smallbusinesses and industry, also as priests and sisters, as well as professionals in northern Italy and in the U.N. Agencies in Rome, primarily FAO, IFAD, & WFP. Much of the Indian population is concentrated in the Lazio,
Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Tuscany regions.

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