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West Indies Power is a geothermal power company registered in the Netherlands Antilles and with the head office in Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis. It has geothermal power development activities in Nevis, Saba and Dominica.

Projects at Nevis

At Nevis, West Indies Power has two geothermal projects. These projects, if completed, will make Saint Kitts and Nevis the first country in the Caribbean to utilize large-scale geothermal energy, and one of the least dependent nations in the world on fossil-fuels. West Indies Power is looking also for the third geothermal project at Nevis.cite news
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title = West Indies Power (Nevis) begins drilling second geothermal development well
date = 2008-06-24

Nevis 1

The first project Nevis 1 is located at Spring Hill. In February 2007, the Nevis Island Administration issued a license to West Indies Power for exploration of the geothermal resource of Nevis. West Indies Power commenced explorations at the same month.cite news
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] The drilling at Spring Hill commenced in January 2008.cite news
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title = Geothermal development drilling begins on Nevis
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] The geothermal reservoir at Spring Hill was discovered on 2 June 2008. The geotechnical work started in July 2008.cite news
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title = West Indies Power moves to second geothermal drill site on Nevis
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When completed, the plant Nevis 1 plant will supply 50 megawatts (MW) of electricity, enough to fulfill all of Nevis' demand (approximately 10 MW) as also to export to neighboring Saint Kitts and other nearby islands via submarine electrical transmission cables.cite news
publisher= Green Island Inc.
url = http://www.greenislandinc.com/news/nevis_geo_1.htm
title = Will Nevis be the CAaribbean's first green island?
date = 2008-04-26
] Generated electricity will be sold to the Nevis Electricity Company Limited.

Nevis 2

The second project Nevis 2 is located at Upper Jessups Village in the St. Thomas Parish. The drilling started on 24 June 2008.

Project in Dominica

The Government of Dominica awarded geothermal exploration and development license to West Indies Power (Dominica) Ltd. on 10 July 2008. Initial geologic and geochemical field exploration work will begin in August 2008. Based on the results of the thermal gradient holes slim holes will be drilled in 2009 and the geothermal power plant will be constructed in 2010.cite news
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title = Geothermal exploration begins in Dominica
date = 2008-07-25

Project in Saba

In Saba, West Indies Power develops geothermal power plant with capacity of 75 MW.cite news
publisher= Daily Herald
url = http://sxmprivateeye.com/node/12715
title = Saba close to launching geothermal project
date = 2008-06-11


The parent company, West Indies Power Holdings B.V., is registered in the Netherlands Antilles.. It has offices in Charlestown, Nevis, and in Roseau, Dominica. West Indies Power operates through its subsidiaries West Indies Power (Nevis) Ltd., West Indies Power (Dominica) Ltd. and West Indies Power (Saba) B.V.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of West Indies Power Holding is Dr. Kerry McDonald. The CFO is Dmitrijus Apockinas. The General Manager of West Indies Power (Nevis) Ltd. is Mr. Rawlinson Isaac and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Head of Drilling Operations is Bobby Tinsley.cite news
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