Solon diet

The Solon diet is a nutritional plan for healthy adults proposed by nutritionist and herbalist Papa-Georgio Solonas in 2005 to promote the body's optimum health and reinforce mental and bodily functions.

The diet

The Solon diet is low in simple carbohydrates and high in dietary fiber and nutrients. It is designed to provide monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, while minimising intake of saturated fats and trans fats.

When it comes to consumption of macro-nutrients, protein and fats are expected to be obtained from nuts, dairy products, poultry and fish. Carbohydrates are expected to be obtained in the form of raw vegetables and fruits and in the liquid form of natural juices and milk.

Emphasis is also placed on what should not be consumed; refined carbohydrates, red meat, eggs, overconsuption of highly acidic foods, artificial sweeteners, tobacco and alcohol are expected to be avoided as they may promote disease. Grains are expected to be consumed only sporadically, contrary to various food guide pyramids that specify grains as a major portion of the diet.

Finally, although not part of a diet per se, a healthy life style is suggested that includes daily exercise, both of the aerobic and the weight training type, maintaining a good oral hygiene (use alcohol free mouth washes), avoidance of risky sexual behaviour, stress management, sunscreen use on the face, lips, hands and other body parts that are exposed to the sun and maintenance of a cycle of social support.

General plan of food consumption

* a salad of vegetables
* fish or chicken
* half a liter of milk
* a fruit salad
* nuts

* grains
* natural juices

Support by supplements

The diet proposes supplements of the following nutrients:

# multivitamins and minerals (including selenium, a powerful anti-oxidant)
# probiotics: they promote bacteria that boost the immunity system
# Co-Enzyme Q-10: a powerful anti-oxidant
# Ginseng: a stimulant
# Ginkgo biloba: it improves memory ability
# Omega 3 Oils (preferably obtained from vegetable sources): they promote mental health and a healthy heart
# Evening Primrose oil: it helps maintain a healthy skin
# Tea : it offers anti-oxidant effects
# Cranberry extract: it protects from urinary infections (use occasionally use)
# Lycopene: a powerful anti-oxidant
# Garlic: it promotes a healthy heart
# Calcium (in case of no dairy products consumption): it is essential for strong bones
# Bromelain: it promotes healthy joints
# Glucosamine: it promotes healthy joints
# Chodroitin: it promotes healthy joints
# Artichoke: it protects the digestive system
# Turmeric: it promotes a healthy bowel
# Milk thistle: it protects from liver damage
# Citrus Bioflavonoids: various vitaminic like nutrients

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