Hobo-Dyer projection

The Hobo-Dyer map projection is an equal area map projection. It is a cylindrical projection, similar to the Gall-Peters projection. The cylinder is usually assumed to wrap around the globe and cut through the surface at 37.5° north and south. The Hobo-Dyer is often used with the south pole at the top of the map. [cite web | title=UMASS Mag | url=http://www.umassmag.com/Summer_2003/Profile__Bob_Abramms_%E2%80%9976G__%E2%80%9980G_493.html | accessdate=February 17 | accessyear=2006 ]

The map was created in by Mick Dyer, a British cartographer, by modifying the 1910 Behrmann projection. It aims to be visually more pleasing than the Peters projection. [cite web | title=Hobo-Dyer Projection | url=http://odtmaps.com/detail.asp_Q_product_id_E_HDP-11x17 | accessdate=February 17 | accessyear=2006 ]

The Hobo-Dyer projection was used in a map to show the 68 countries around the world in which the Carter Center has worked since 1982, when Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. [cite web | title=President Carter's Nobel Prize: Presidential Peace Prize Means New Map Goes International | url=http://odtmaps.com/detail.asp_Q_product_id_E_HDP-11x17 | accessdate=February 17 | accessyear=2006 ]


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