Kevin Baugh

Infobox President
name =Kevin Baugh

order =1st President of Molossia
office =
term_start = 3 September 1999
term_end =
vicepresident = James Spielman (1999-2001); "abolished" 2001-
predecessor = "none"
birth_date = July 30, 1963
birth_place =
nationality = American
party = Molossian Republican Party
spouse = Lisa Baugh
children = Carson and Mark
occupation =
alma_mater =
residence = Dayton, Nevada (Espera, Harmony Province, Republic of Molossia)
religion = United Church of Christ
net worth =
last =
first =
title =
url =

website =
footnotes =
branch = Molossian Armed Forces
serviceyears= 1999-
rank = Field Marshall

Kevin Baugh claims to be the president of the Republic of Molossia (an unrecognized Micronation). He was born on July 30, 1963. On May 26, 1977 after watching "The Mouse That Roared" Baugh and his friend James Spielman created the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, with Spielman as King and Baugh as Prime Minister. Later on, Spielman left, the country was changed to the Republic of Molossia, and Baugh became president.

His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh, as he now called himself, married Lisa Baugh and had two children, Carson and Mark. The family moved to Dayton, Nevada, where Molossia moved to. Baugh is a human resources recruiter for the U S Army. He was influential in forming the Republic of Molossia and micronationalism and has met both the Prince of Vikesland and the Grand Duke of Westarctica. He is mentioned in Lonely Planet's book "".


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