One Card (game)

One-Card is a card game played with an ordinary Poker deck (see Mau Mau for a similar game). In One-Card, the Jokers are used. One-Card is commonly played in South Korea. The game's general principles put it into the Crazy Eights family of card games.

Rules of Play

The dealer deals out cards to the players (seven cards for two players, five cards for three or more players). When all players have been dealt their hands, one card is laid face-up in the middle (the Play Pile), and the rest of the deck laid face-down beside it (the Draw Pile).

The player to the dealer's right plays first by following the number or suite of the first card, or by playing a wild card. If they can not play any card, they must draw a card from the deck.

NOTE: The colored Joker is played on any colored suit, and any colored suit may be played on it. The black joker is similar.

The next player follows in like manner but must take into account any action or attack card that the previous player may have played. If they can not play a card, they need to draw from the deck.

The players take turns playing or drawing cards. The player who is the first to play all their cards wins the game.

Action Cards

* King - Take another turn (play another card, or draw a card if none can be played).

* Queen - Reverse the direction of play (in the case of two players, it functions just like a Jack).

* Jack - Jump (skip) the next player.

* Seven - Wild, the player calls out the new suit to play.

Attack and Defense Cards

When an attack card is played, the next player must draw one or more cards, or play another attack card.

* Three - damage level of one.

* Two - damage level of two.

* Ace - damage level of three.

* Ace of Spades - damage level of five.

* Joker (black) - damage level of ten.

* Joker (colored) - damage level of 13.

Damage adds up (a three, followed by a two, then an Ace of Spades has a total damage of eight). After drawing because of attack, it is still that players' turn, they may play one or more of the cards that they have just drawn.


When a player has only one card left, they must call out "One Card", the next player is then penalized by drawing a card. The player who has only one card is penalized in return if someone else calls out "One Card" first.

The Draw Pile

The draw pile is the stack of cards that have not yet gone into play. If this pile gets exhausted (this often happens several times during a game), take all but the last (top) card from the Play Pile, shuffle them, now this is the draw pile.

Play Variations

* A player can play more than one card at a time, but the cards must be the same number or letter; in effect the suit is changed. (Two or more Kings can be played, in which case the player can take yet another turn. Two or more queens are played, the effect of the second cancels the first. If two or more Jacks are played, one player is skipped for each Jack.)

* A maximum number of cards to be drawn due to a series of attack cards can be set (usually 20).
* When playing against an attack card, you must play one of equal or greater damage value of the top card (for example, you can't play a three on an ace). If you play a card with less damage, you must draw the difference (if you play a three on an ace, you must draw two cards also).
* Other reasons for penalty cards can be added (such as using the wrong language during a language class). This can be abused though.

Similar Games

One-Card is a member of the Shedding family of card games, where the objective is to get rid of all your cards while preventing the other players from getting rid of their cards.

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