Life Insurance Settlement Association

Founded in 1995, LISA is America's oldest, largest and most widely recognized trade association in the life settlement industry, participating in legislative and regulatory matters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Comprised of over 180 member companies in North America, Europe and Australia, their diversity provides LISA with the broadest and most authoritative voice in the life settlement industry. LISA is a valuable source of information for consumers, member companies, regulators, legislators and all other interested parties. It is regarded as the preeminent authority in the life settlement industry. Leadership

Since its inception, LISA has been the leader in promoting responsible legislation and regulation of the industry. Members and staff have contributed conceptual as well as detailed language to laws governing the industry in every regulated state.These efforts have resulted in improved public information and awareness while helping to create a competitive market place that serves the consumer a valuable financial service. Mission Statement

The mission of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) is to promote the development, integrity and reputation of the life settlement industry and to promote a competitive market for the people it serves. Membership Benefits Trade association membership indicates a company has spent time, money and effort to comply with government and public standards. Members of the LISA are kept abreast of the latest activity in the area of insurance and securities, legislation and regulation affecting the industry. LISA members enjoy an array of benefits. To begin, the Association maintains a website excusive to members. This site contains an array of useful and timely information pertinent to the Life Settlement industry. As a member, you will have access to information critical to your business interests such as: Latest movements of state and federal legislative bodies, Proposed and enacted state and federal laws, Emerging industry regulatory developments, Breaking news in our exclusive news room, Important legal decisions, Industry research, Marketing & promotional materials Members enjoy public representation on our user-friendly web site 24/7. In addition, members may post the LISA logo on their company web site for membership-advertisement purposes. Public interest in the Life Settlement Industry is growing rapidly. Our web site offers the public access to your company’s information, including a live link to your main web page.

As a LISA member, you may participate in our weekly conference calls. These important opportunities offer members an exclusive forum in which to discuss timely industry topics, legislative issues, and the opportunity to raise your own views to LISA and other members. Conference agendas are conveniently posted to the member’s-only web site for real time access during the call. Prior to the call, members are encouraged to suggest discussion topics to be included. This is a weekly opportunity to stay abreast of moving legislation as well as other significant industry developments.

Our bi-annual conferences provide members with a constructive forum in which to engage the most important issues and developments facing the industry. Conference attendance has reached over 500 attendees and keeps growing. Member rates are significantly lower. LISA also offers members-only summits and other special events. These benefits provide member companies with the experience and knowledge that is essential to perform this service in compliance with state regulation and meeting the standards of the Association. LISA members are professionals, held to the highest ethical standards in their business practices. LISA members pledge to improve public information and awareness resulting in a healthy industry, strong individual businesses and better service to consumers.

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