List of Wells Fargo Directors

The List of Wells Fargo Directors includes all members of the Board of Directors of the express mail company from its founding in 1852 until the cessation of its express service in 1918. It does not include the directors of the Wells Fargo Bank after it became a separate institution in 1905.

*Directors of Wells Fargo & Company 1852-1918
**E.G. Allen 1884
**Ashbel H. Barney 1859-1883
**Danford N. Barney 1853-1870
**John Bermingham 1897-1902
**John Bloodgood 1869-1870
**Charles B. Brigham 1878-79
**John Butterfield (expressman) 1867-1868
**Burns D. Caldwell 1912-1918
**Benjamin Pierce Cheney 1854-1877, 1882-1884, 1893-1895
**Benjamin Pierce Cheney Jr. 1895-1899
**Andrew Christeson 1899-1902, 1913-1918
**George E. Cook 1869-1870
**W.D. Cornish 1904-1909
**Charles Crocker 1877-1884, 1884-1888
**Charles F. Crocker 1879-1882, 1883-1894, 1895-1897
**Frederic V.S. Crosby 1909-1910
**Prince S. Crowell 1869-1870
**H.W. De Forest 1907-1918
**Richard Delafield (expressman) 1910-1918
**D.L. Einstein 1869-1870
**Oliver Eldridge 1872-1884, 1884-1901
**Dudley Evans 1892-1894, 1894-1910
**Charles Fargo 1869-1870, 1884-1886
**J.C. Fargo 1867-1872, 1881-1884, 1885-1893
**William Fargo 1852-1866, 1867-1881
**William H. Fogg 1867-1870
**Charles W. Ford 1869-1870
**Charles H. Gardiner 1900-1901
**W.F. Goad 1889-1893
**George E. Gray 1879-1910
**C.R. Greathouse 1874-1875
**James Ben Ali Haggin 1872-1879
**E.H. Harriman 1902-1909
**W. Averell Harriman 1914-1918
**James Heron 1884
**William F. Herrin 1904-1918
**Ben Holladay 1867-1869
**Mark Hopkins (railroad) 1872-1878
**Bela M. Hughes 1884
**Charles J. Hughes 1884
**Collis Potter Huntington 1870-1872
**Henry E. Huntington 1893-1918
**Thomas M. Janes 1856-1858
**Eugene Kelly 1867-1870
**Homer S. King 1893-1905
**Henry Kip 1869-1870
**Stuart R. Knott 1907-1909
**Julius Krutschnitt 1904-1910
**Charles F. Latham 1863-1867
**Milton Latham 1870-1872
**Johnston Livingston 1852-1870
**Leonor F. Loree 1910-1918
**Robert S. Lovett 1905-1907
**William Mahl 1909-1914
**John James McCook 1893-1911
**James McKay (expressman) 1852-1859
**Louis McLane (expressman) 1866-1870
**Darius Ogden Mills 1870-1874, 1875-1882
**Edwin Barber Morgan 1852-1858, 1858-1867, 1868-1870
**William Norris (expressman) 1886-1892
**William I. Pardee 1854-1856
**H.B. Parsons 1904-1907
**Charles A. Peabody 1910-1918
**Alpheus Reynolds 1852-1854
**Henry D. Rice 1852-1854
**Jacob Schiff 1914-1918
**Alexander M.C. Smith 1852-1854
**William Sproule 1910-1913
**Leland Stanford 1870-1884, 1884-1893
**E.A. Stedman 1910-1918
**Aaron Stein 1894-1895, 1900
**Nathan Stein 1901-1902
**N.H. Stockwell 1858-1867
**Lloyd Tevis 1870-1893
**W.O.S. Thorne 1902-1918
**Frederick D. Underwood 1902-1918
**John J. Valentine 1882-1901
**W.T. Van Brunt 1902-1907
**A.K. Van Deventer 1909-1910
**S.A. Walker 1884
**Paul Warburg 1910-1914
**Henry Wells 1852-1867
**Elijah P. Williams 1852-1863


*Noel M. Loomis, "Wells Fargo". New York: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., 1968.

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