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[http://www.widget.com Widget UK Ltd] is a distributor of handheld computers and accessories, which was listed in both 2006 and 2007 in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 of the UK’s fastest growing private companies. [cite web
title = Fast Track 100 details
publisher = Sunday Times
accessdate = 2008-08-05

Other awards include [http://www.fgba.co.uk/2007finalists/Widget_UK.htm Service Business of the Year] won at the Fast Growth Business Awards 2007, and a placing in the Real Business Hot 100 of UK firms in 2008. [cite web
title = Real Business Hot 100
publisher = Caspian Publishing
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Today Widget distributes TomTom's current range of GPS in the UK [cite web
title = Review TomTom 930T,
publisher = Channelweb
date = June, 17 2008
accessdate = 2008-08-05
] and other pocket computers, such as the Datawind Pocket Surfer. [cite web
title = PC Retail Recommends Pocket Surfer 2
publisher = PC Retail
accessdate = 2008-08-05

The company also owns the domain [http://www.widget.com www.widget.com] .


Founded in 1987 by former computer journalist Mark Needham [cite web
title = About Widget
accessdate = 2008-08-05
] Widget was originally a distributor for UK handheld computer manufacturer Psion and produced add ons for the Psion range, including software for the Psion 3, [cite web
title = PSION Series 3/3a palmtop FAQ part 6/6
publisher = FAQS.ORG
date = Aug, 7, 1997
accessdate = 2008-08-06
] in later years some of which was distributed via the Internet. [cite web
title = Widget looks to Web
publisher = Computagram
date = June 26, 1999
accessdate = 2008-08-05
] It also published the [http://www.expansys.com.au/p.aspx?i=101636 Widget Revo Quick User Guide] for the Psion Revo

The company switched to specialise satellite navigation systems (GPS) in 2002/3 distributing in the Uk for Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom. [cite web
title = Widget bundles...
publisher = TomTom
date = Apr, 03 2003
accessdate = 2008-08-05

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* [http://www.widget.com/ Official site]


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