Vienna (disambiguation)

Vienna can refer to:


In Austria:
* Vienna, capital and a federal state of Austria
* the River Vienna, a small river meeting the Danube at Vienna; see Wien (river)

In France:
* Vienne, a city known in Roman times as "Vienna"

In Canada:
* Vienna, Ontario

In the United States:
* Vienna, Georgia
* Vienna, Illinois
* Vienna, Indiana
* Vienna, Louisiana
* Vienna, Maine
* Vienna, Maryland
* Vienna, Missouri
* Vienna, New York
* Vienna, South Dakota
* Vienna, Virginia
** Vienna/Fairfax-GMU (Washington Metro), the Washington Metro station serving Vienna, Virginia
* Vienna, West Virginia
* Vienna, Wisconsin
* New Vienna, Iowa
* New Vienna, Ohio
* Vienna Road, part of M-57 in Michigan
* Vienna Township, Genesee County, Michigan
* Vienna Township, Minnesota
* Vienna Township, Montmorency County, Michigan


"Any of a number of treaties signed in Vienna." Notable are:
* Treaty of Vienna (1738):See also Vienna Convention
*several treaties and conventions resulted from the Congress of Vienna (1814–1815) which redrew the map of Europe, only partially restoring the pre-Napoleonic situation, and drafted new rules for international relations
*Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961)
*Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (1963)
*Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963)
*Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (1968)
*Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (1969)
*United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980)
*Vienna Convention on Succession of States in Respect of State Property, Archives and Debts (1983) – not in force
*Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer (1985)
*Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or Between International Organizations (1986)
*United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (1988)

Other meanings

*Vienna Awards (1939 and 1940), two arbitral awards granted by Germany and Italy to Hungary in partial reversal of the Treaty of Trianon
*Congress of Vienna (1815)
*Battle of Vienna
*Vienna Summit, a 1961 conference between President of the United States John F. Kennedy and Premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev
*Vienna Beef, a manufacturer of Chicago style hot dogs and other foods
*Vienna bread
*Vienna Game, a chess opening
*Vienna Teng, singer-songwriter (born 1978)
*Vienna (pigeon), a breed of domestic pigeon
*Vienna lager, a style of beer first brewed in Vienna in 1841
*Vienna sausage
*University of Vienna
*"Vienna" (song), a song by Ultravox
*"Vienna" (album), an album by Ultravox
*"Vienna" (Billy Joel song)
*"Vienna", a song by The Fray
*"Vienna", a song by Trans-Siberian Orchestra from their album "Beethoven's Last Night"
*Vienna, Rigsby's cat in "Rising Damp"
*Vienna (feed reader), an open source Mac OS X RSS reader with support for RSS/Atom feeds
*Vienna (off-line reader), A reader for the CIX conferencing system
*Windows "Vienna", Microsoft's codename for a future version of Microsoft Windows
*Vienna, a medium-to-dark roast of coffee
*Vienna (comics), a fictional character in Marvel Comics' Marvel Universe
*"Vienna", a poem by Stephen Spender

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