Tombs of the Nobles

Tombs of the Nobles are a collective term applied to tombs of workers, foremen’s, priests, soldiers, officials, viziers, princes etc. usually located in the area of a major ancient site in Egypt.

* Tombs of the Nobles (Luxor) — a number of tomb-areas on the "West Bank" at modern Luxor (Ancient Thebes) is known collectively as the "Tombs of the Nobles".
* Tombs of the Nobles (Saqqara) — a large number of royal and nonroyal tombs from the 1st and 2nd dynasty, Old Kingdom and New Kingdom.
* Tombs of the Nobles (Amarna) — The collective name for the "South Tombs" and "North Tombs".
* Qubbet el-Hawa (Aswan) — a series of rock cut tombs, known sometimes as the "Tombs of the Nobles".

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