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Jim Marketti (creative director)
foundation = July 28, 2008
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This TV (capitalized as "THIS TV" in some news coverage) is a new general entertainment television network designed for digital terrestrial television subchannels. The network is a joint venture between film/TV studio Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Inc. and Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting Co., and was formally announced on July 28, 2008, with an on-air launch date to be determined (it was originally planned for Fall 2008). The "This TV" name was chosen as a branding and marketing avenue for the network and its stations, with proposed slogans such as "THIS" is the place for movies," or "THIS" is what you're watching!"

Planned Programming

This TV plans to have a lineup relying on the extensive library of films and TV programming currently owned by MGM (notably excluding the pre-1986 MGM film/TV library, whose rights are currently held by Turner Entertainment and Time Warner). There are no plans for any original programming, although the use of on-air presenters may be included in This TV's movie broadcasts. [ [ "MGM Oldies in New Digi-Channel"] , from "Broadcasting & Cable's" July 28, 2008 issue]

This TV will also feature a daily block of childrens' programming (including shows that meet the E/I content requirements) that will be handled Toronto-based Cookie Jar Entertainment.

Operations & Station Clearance

This TV was originally announced with a planned launch date of Autumn 2008. [ [ "MGM, Weigel Launching This TV Diginet"] , from TVNewsDay, July 28, 2008] [ [ "MGM takes digital leap"] , from "Variety", July 28, 2008] However, as of October 8, 2008, no set launch date has been announced, nor is there a network website or program schedule.

This TV's operations will be overseen by Neal Sabin, who in his role as Weigel Broadcasting's executive vice president launched MeTV, a classic TV format similar to This TV, on Weigel-owned stations in Chicago and Milwaukee. Jim Marketti, president/CEO of Marketti Creative Group, was hired in August 2008 as This TV's creative director, focusing on the network's marketing and promotion. [ [ Marketti Named Creative Director at This TV] , "Broadcasting & Cable", September 8, 2008] MGM will handle sales for the network through their New York City offices.

This TV will be advertiser-supported, and will air 24 hours a day in a 480i standard definition format.

Weigel Broadcasting will carry This TV on digital signals they own in Milwaukee and Chicago. This TV executives are currently entertaining carriage offers in other markets, with a "Broadcasting & Cable" report suggesting a coverage target of 50-70% of the country by February 2009. [ [ "The Digital Pace"] , from "Broadcasting & Cable", September 29, 2008] (Weigel is in the process of selling their low-power triopoly in the South Bend market to Schurz Communications, [ [ "WSBT Purchases Three Low-Power Stations"] , from "Broadcasting & Cable", August 4, 2008] and it is unclear if This TV will have immediate clearance in South Bend as a result). Stations will be granted the option to air select This TV programming on their main channels, as well as the option to pre-empt a certain amount of the network's schedule in favor of local programming. [ [ "Exclusive: MGM Launching New Digital Channel"] , from "Broadcasting & Cable", July 28, 2008]

External links and media coverage

* [ MGM press release from 7/28/2008 announcing the launch of "THIS TV"]
* [,0,4506974.story "MGM links with Weigel Broadcasting for digital subchannel offering"] , from "Chicago Tribune", July 28, 2008
* [ "MGM Launches This TV Channel, Strong On Kids' Shows, Movies"] from MediaPost Publications, July 29, 2008


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