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Society 1 is an Industrial Metal Band formed in the early 1990's in Los Angeles, California. They have released 5 studio albums and performed at several major festivals such as Download. In recent years many fans and critics have begun to make comparisons of Society 1 to Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. They have been described in the LA Weekly as an embodiment of "Morrisonesque shamanics and Satanic self-determination". The band, or more likely the frontman Matt Zane has incorporated many extreme and occult themes into the band's music.


Society 1 originated in LA by singer Matt Zane and ,


In March 2004, Matt Zane made himself the first singer to ever sing live while suspended. Drawing over 700 fans to LA's Key Club, Zane performed three songs live with Society 1 while hanging 30 feet above the stage, supported by six meat hooks inserted in his flesh. Orgy frontman Jay Gordon made a special guest appearance on vocals at the "Suspension Show". In 2005, they broke the world record for having the longest suspended performance to a large-scale audience at the Download Festival. Although Matt Zane has performed suspended, he claims that "No one should take it into their backyard more than they would an action movie, it's merely a form of entertainment." A video uploaded through Matt Zane's personal Youtube account shows the backstage after-affects of performing suspended.


Society 1 first rose to notoriety in 1999 with their début album, "Slacker Jesus", earning press coverage through such media outlets as MTV, VH1, Billboard, Details, Rolling Stone, Spin, Revolver, and Kerrang!. In 2004 they were featured on MTV2's Headbangers ball with their video for the song "Hate".The band has also grown a large fan base throughout the internet due to self-promotion. The bands website, Myspace page, and Youtube account were all created by the band rather than a paid professional.

A History Channel Documentary on 'Judgement Day and Modern Satanism' features an interview with Society 1, expressing their thoughts on the relationship between Satanism and Heavy Metal. The documentary can be found on the DVD for the 2006 remake of "The Omen".


Society 1 incorporates many extreme ideas and occult thoughts into their music, Matt Zane has stated that they are not only a band, they are literally a social experience and cult art statement forcing one to understand that nothing is as it seems. It is often said that while other bands will experiment with occult imagery for shock value, Society 1 can be considered one of the few bands who will truly believe in what they say when it comes to opinions on life and Society. Matt Zane has his own "religious order", The Inner Circle, which has approximately between 5,000-10,000 followers in the United States..


*"Slacker Jesus"(1999)
*"Words as Carriers"(1996)
*"Exit Through Fear "(1998)
*"The Sound that Ends Creation "(2000)
*"The Years of Spiritual Dissent "(2001)

*"This is the End"
*"All You Want"
*"It Isn't Me"


After being dropped from their original record label, the only original band members to date are Matt Zane and Dirt Von Karloff.

Current Lineup

**Matt "The Lord" Zane - Vocals, Guitar
**Eric Franklin - Guitar
**Sik Rick - Drums
**Dirt Von Karloff - Bass, Vocals

Past Members

**Sin Quirin - Guitar

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