Andrei Oliver Brasovean aka ATMA is an electronic music composer originally from the Transylvania region of Romania.Starting to produce techno and trance music in 1991, he is one of the pioneers of modern electronic dance music in East Europe. In ’95-’96 he started to produce Goa trance music and to organize small "rave" parties.Well known around the globe for his unique style and for his "full live" performances, ATMA is now one of the most promising talents in the scene.... With more than 16 years of electronic music production, and hundreds of live performances on both the techno & trance scenes, ATMA is one of the most important electronic music composers rising up from the eastern side of Europe.With his long musical background and the experience of working other musical styles he developed a totally unique style of psychedelic trance music. His music gives a "new definition" to the "full on" genre and it takes psychedelic music to a higher and more professional level.

After the great success of his first solo album “Beyond Good & Evil” released in 2006 at Geomagnetic Rec, Atma is back in business with his new album "The Secrets Of Meditation" which will be released in 2008.He has also several releases on labels like: Ov-Silence, Skills rec, Roton, Y.S.EMillenium Rec, Media Services (Sony Music), Cytopia Rec, Sith Rec, Dreamtime Rec, Goa Records, Geomagnetic.Tv…

Beside his trance projects, Atma works as music composer & sound engineer for commercial bands (house, techno, dance, pop, rock, hip hop..) and also as a film music producer, theatre & orchestral arrangements.

On the international scene he played at festivals and parties all around the world: United Arab Emirates, Chile, Germany, Swiss, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Cehia ...

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