Smith Estate (Los Angeles, California)

("Political insiders say the credit for reviving a sagging Bradley administration goes to Michael Gage, his Deputy Mayor for the last year and a half. ... 'There has been a total change of attitude in the Mayor's office with Gage there,' said Dorothy Green, president of Heal the Bay.")]

Current ownership

As of 2008, the house had been owned for approximately eleven years by Tim Parker. Parker has maintained the property in impeccable condition. It is one of the best-preserved Victorian home in Los Angeles.

"Merrye House"in the 1964 cult film "Spider Baby"

In 1964, Jack Hill shot the horror comedy cult film "Spider Baby" (also known as "Attack of the Liver Eaters") [ ] at the Smith Estate. A short clip from the film showing a full view of the Smith Estate (posing as "Merrye House") and the front porch can be viewed [ here starting at the 5:53 mark] . In 2007, writer/director Hill recalled: "We did a documentary for the DVD where I went back to the house and showed where we shot this, where we shot that. Today, of course, it's been remodeled and people are living there and it's probably worth a couple of million." [cite web|author=Jack hill|title=2007 Dead Channels: Jack Hill on Spider Baby|publisher=The Evening Class|date=2007-08-15|url=]

Historic designation

The house was declared a Historic Cultural Monument (HCM #142) by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission in 1975, [cite web|title=Historic-Cultural Monuments Listing|publisher=City of Los Angeles|date=2008-06-04|url=] and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

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*List of Registered Historic Places in Los Angeles


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* [ Big Orange Landmarks article and photographs of Smith Estate]

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