Wim Warman

Wim Warman

Wim Warman (Rotterdam, june 27th 1969) is a Dutch composer, music arranger and music teacher. He plays piano and sometimes Hammond organ in different genres.


Wim Warman studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory from 1986 to 1993. His main subject was Hammond-organ and he developed also his own piano style in different genres. In 1992 he got his diploma as a music teacher at the conservatory. In 1993 he got his diploma as a performing artist.


From 1992 to 1995 Wim played in different bands, one of them being the group 'Why Not?!' (Latin-fusion trio). From august 1995 to february 1999 he was the pianist of tango orchestra Sexteto Canyengue, founded by Leo Vervelde and Carel Kraayenhof, with which he toured the world. Two highlights were the performances at the Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada in 1996 and at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Schotland in 1997. From 1993 to 1997 he played with Dave Benton and they made productions together. Dave Benton later moved to Estonia, where he continued his career and won the Eurovision Songcontest in 2001.

Wim Warman is a teacher at the Rotterdam Conservatory (CODARTS) in the Academy for World Music in the department of Argentinian Tango. Hij teaches piano, transcription and improvisation. With tango orchestra OTRA of this department he performed at the Tango festival in Buenos Aires, Argentinia in Teatro El Dorrego and Teatro de la Ribera.

He also performed with the dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog, percussionist Martin Verdonk, bass player Richard Bona (this was a one time jam session) and cellist Yo-Yo Ma (met Sexteto Canyengue at the music tv program of Han Reiziger)



*Sense: "Jiddische Sjmoesmuziek", 1994 (accompaniment "Yevarechecha" and arrangements).
*Dave Benton: "30th Anniversary", 1995.
*Sexteto Canyengue: "Tangueros de Holanda", 1997 (played piano and composed: "Colores de Tango").
*Sexteto Canyengue: "Cinco Tangos de Astor Piazzolla", 1998 (piano).
*Vincent van Warmerdam: "Ocho", 1997 (piano and Hammond organ).
*Ilona Cèchova: "Oranjebloesem", 2001 (arranged en played piano, composed "Sleutelmilonga").
*Tim van der Sluijs: "Stad vol gekken", 2001 (piano and keyboards).
*Own production: "The Forest", 2002.
*Own production: "Cuando la luz aparece", 2004.


*The Mango Masters: "Salsolé", 1999 (composition en playing)
*Sunblock: "Get the love (Get da love)", 1999 (composition en playing)
*T.K.O.: "Bing Bing (Lekker ding)", 1999 (composition en playing)

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