Gustav Globočnik Edler von Vojka

Infobox Military Person
name=Gustav Viktor Josef Globočnik Edler von Vojka
born=birth date|1859|10|10|df=y
placeofbirth=Reichenburg, Untersteiermark, Herzogtum Steiermark, Austrian Empire
placeofdeath=Vienna, Austria

caption=Family coat of arms
allegiance=flagicon|Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian Empire (to 1919)
serviceyears=1880 –1919
* Infantry Officer Cadet School, Trieste
* 56th Infantry Regiment
* 26th Gebirgsbrigade
* 92nd Infantry Regiment
* 33rd Infantry Regiment
* Globočnik Group
battles=World War I
* The Serbian Campaign
* The Fifth Battle of the Isonzo
* The Carinthian front
awards=Nobility: Edler von Vojka
relations=Alexander Valerian Globočnik Edler von Vojka

Gustav Viktor Josef Globočnik Edler von Vojka (10 November 185925 September 1946), was Austro-Hungarian Feldmarschalleutnant and nobleman.

Private life

Gustav Globočnik was born in Reichenburg, today known as Brestanica. Brestanica is a small town in Slovenia located approximately 60 km from Zagreb, Croatia, and 100 km from Ljubljana. He is a son of Viktor Globočnik and Sofija born Klemenčić. They had four children: three daughters and a son.Viktor Globočnik was k.u.k. financial consultor in Zagreb. Family Globočnik owned Thurm.

Gustav Globočnik was awarded for his military service and loyalty to Habsburg dinasty with nobleman title Edler von Vojka by Diploma from 20th Feb. 1917.

He was also awarded with Honor Citizenship in several towns: Reichenburg (Brestanica), Feistritz, Domschale, Mitterndorf and Koprivnik (Carniola)

Gustav Globočnik married Emma Julie Wüster in Vienna at 16th September 1893. They had one child, a son named Alexander Valerian.


Gustav Globočnik started his military career by graduation in Officer Cadet School on 18th August 1880. He was pensioned on 1st January 1919 in rank of Feldmarschalleutnant (equivalent to Anglo Lieutenant-General).

ervice record

* 1880-1888, 79th Infantry Regiment
* 1889-1890, 27th Infantry Regiment
* 1890-1896, 25th Infantry Division
* 1896-1901, 74th Infantry Regiment
* 1901-1905, Infantry Officer Cadet School, Trieste
* 1905-1908, 87th Infantry Regiment
* 1908-1912, 61st Infantry Regiment


* 1st September 1901, Major
* 1st May 1909, Oberstleutnant
* 10th May 1912, Oberst
* 1st September 1915, Generalmajor
* 1st May 1918, Feldmarschalleutnant

World War I

Gustav Globočnik in World War I was a commander of various formations in XV. Corps: 56th Infantry Regiment, 26th Gebirgsbrigade, 92nd Infantry Regiment, 33rd Infantry Regiment and Group Globočnik.He fought in the The Serbian Campaign and later on Battles of the Isonzo.

In The Fifth Battle of the Isonzo that was fought from March 9-15, 1916, Generalmajor Gustav Globočnik fought as commander of Group Globočnik in X. Army under commandment of Generaloberst Franz Rohr von Denta.

Alexander Valerian Globočnik Edler von Vojka

Alexander Globočnik-Vojka is a son of Gustav Globočnik and Emma Julie born Wüster. Due to his father military career, family often moved around Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Therefore, Alexander was born in Przemyśl, today in Poland on 10 January 1895. He was an Austro-Hungarian lawyer and nobleman. After Austrian monarchy came down and Republic was established, nobility titles became forbidden so he used name Alexander Globočnik-Vojka.His most notable law case is Globočnik-Vojka vs Austria. Alexander Globočnik-Vojka died on 16 May 1974.

Globočnik-Vojka vs Austria

Following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Austro-Hungarian bank was put into liquidation. Rights of the bondholders where settled in 1939 extra-juridical settlement. Liquidators undertook to pay $210,000 to the bondholders out of monies then on deposit with the United States Treasury. Problem was that money was confiscated by the United States Government as enemy property during The First World War. Finally, the United States Office of Alien Property transferred a sum of just over $45,000 to the liquidators and authorized them to transfer it to the Austrian Government. Rest of the money was transferred to the governments of Italy and Yugoslavia.The plaintiff, representing the bondholders claimed that the Austrian Government would be unjustly enriched if it decides not to repay bondholders.

The Provincial Court for Civil Law Matters in Vienna by decree of 28th September 1951, appointed as curator and guardian of the rights of all the bondholders in the Austro-Hungarian bank in Vienna, Dr. Alexander Globočnik-Vojka. By the judgment of Austria Supreme Court from 14th May 1958, the appeal was dismissed. Bondholders didn't succeed to retain money.The Case Globočnik-Vojka vs Austria became famous internationally through law circles.

Odilo Globočnik

As far as it's known, Odilo Globocnik and Gustav Globočnik von Vojka are not related. This question has been raised since they share surname and bot had successful military career. Further speculation is possible due to a fact that Odilo Globočnik was born in Trieste on 21st April 1904, at time when Gustav Globočnik von Vojka was living in Trieste (1901-1905). Fact is that Odilo Globocnik is a son of Franc Globočnik, another k.u.k. officer, a cavalry liutenant.
Odilo Globocnik was SS Obergruppenführer and convicted war crime criminal. Shortly after capture in 1945, Globocnik committed suicide by means of a cyanide capsule hidden in his mouth.If there is any family relation, Odilo Globocnik would be more than happy to point that out. A k.u.k. Feldmarschalleutnant and a noble relative could only give a boost to a military career in Third Reich.

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