Impending Doom (German band)

Infobox musical artist
Name = Impending Doom
Background = group_or_band
Years_active = 1993-2001
Origin = Thuringia, Germany
Genre = Black metal [ [ Encyclopaedia Metallum - Impending Doom (Ger) ] ]
Death metal
Thrash metal
Label = Voice of Life Records
URL = []
Past_members = Olaf Riegler
Uwe Roedel

Impending Doom is a German blackened death metal band. The band was formed in 1993 but split-up in 2001. Throught their career they were signed to the record label Voice of Life Records and appeared on a compilation album by the label titled Voices Of Death (Part I) with the song Screams of a Raven. Throught the band's 8 year career they released 3 full-length albums, 2 EPs, 3 Split albums, 4 Demos, and 2 Compilation albums. Almost all of the band's lyrical content revolved around satanic themes and imagery.

Last Known Line-up

Thomas Born - Bass
Patrick W. Engel - Guitar
Andreas Kaufmann - Vocals
Pierre Krueger - Drums
Marcus Regel - Guitar


Studio Albums

*"Caedes Sacrilegae" (1997)
*"Signum Of Hate" (1998)
*"Apocalypse III The Manifested Purgatorium" (2001)


*"Blasphemy Incarnate" (2000)
*"The Great Pale Hunter" (2001)


*"Messias Abaddon" (1995)
*"Pagan Fires" (1996)
*"Promo Tape 11/97" (1997)
*"Promo Recordings 11/99" (1999)


*"Thuringian Circle" (1997)
*"Cromlech" (1999)
*"Scornful Chalice/Luciferian Curse" (2001)

Compilation Albums

*"Pagan Fires/Messias Abaddon" (1997)
*"Beyond The Altar Of Obscurity" (2003) (Released after the band breakup by Voice of Life records)


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