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"Anglais mauriciens"
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poptime = 27,078 Mauritian Born (2001) [ Place of birth data collated by OECD based on 2001 UK Census] ]
Ancestral Numbers Unknown
(Over 0.05% of British population)

popplace = Greater London, South East England, East and West Midlands
langs = English, French, Mauritian Creole, Portuguese,Malagasy

Population and distribution

In 2001, some 30,000 Mauritian born people were calling the UK home, however the current population of Mauritian Britons is likely to be much higher, considering people who are of Mauritian descent and born in the UK, amongst other factors. Up until 1968, Mauritius was under British rule, and the nation remains very closely linked to the UK, hence the UK being a popular destination for Mauritian emigrants.

Notable Mauritian Britons

* Lisé de Baissac, heroine of the Special Operations Executive during WWII
* Patrick Kisnorbo, Leicester City F.C. footballer
* Safia Minney, founder of Fair Trade and environmental fashion and lifestyle label People Tree
* Kalam Mooniaruck, Cambridge City F.C. footballer
* Rav Wilding, television presenter and police officer


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* [ Mauritians in the UK]
* [ BBC Born Abroad - Other South and East Africa]

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