List of Brazilian directors

List of Brazilian directors

A list of well known directors of Brazilian nationality or citizenship.

Film directors
* Gilda de Abreu
* Karim Aïnouz
* Tata Amaral
* Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
* Guel Arraes
* Hector Babenco
* Bruno Barreto
* Lima Barreto
* Júlio Bressane
* Eliane Caffé
* Oswaldo Caldeira
* Carla Camurati
* Alberto Cavalcanti
* Eduardo Coutinho
* Heitor Dhalia
* Cacá Diegues
* Anselmo Duarte
* Jorge Furtado
* Ruy Guerra
* Cao Hamburger
* Walter Hugo Khouri
* Carlos Manga
* José Mojica Marins
* Francisco Marzullo
* Humberto Mauro
* Fernando Meirelles
* Carolina Moraes-Liu
* Anna Muylaert
* José Padilha
* Mário Peixoto
* Annibal Requião
* Glauber Rocha
* Luiz Duarte da Rocha
* João Moreira Salles
* Walter Salles
* Nelson Pereira dos Santos
* Rogério Sganzerla
* Chico Teixeira
* Tizuka Yamasaki

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* List of Brazilians

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