Sons and Lovers (All Saints episode)

Infobox Television episode
Title = Sons and Lovers
Series = All Saints

Caption =
Season = 11
Episode = 24
Airdate = Start date|2008|07|22
Production =
Writer = Jeff Truman
Director = Ian Gilmour
Music = Flaunt It (TV Rock)
Photographer =
Guests = Lara Taylor (Caitlin Kelly)
Paul Blackwell (Dale Andrews)
Guy Leslie (John Collins)
Penny Cook (Rhonda Goldman)
Robert Jago (Luke Goldman)
Celeste Barber (Bree Matthews)
Renee Lim (Suzi Lau)
Jack Michel (Mitch Collins)
Andrew Babicci (Alexi)
Keiyan Lonsdale (Corey)
Michael Camilleri (Paul)
Karl Van Moorsel (Mitch Stunt Double)
Danny Woodrow (Stunt Driver)
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Prev = Bloodlines
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"Sons and Lovers" is the twenty-fourth episode from the eleventh season of the Australian medical drama All Saints originally airing on July 22, 2008.

Plot summary

The episode opens with Dan's erotic dream of Erica pole dancing. His dream is broken by Rhonda who comes in and wakes him up for his shift. Nothing could be further from Dan's dream: Erica’s hens’ night with Gabrielle at a pole-dancing class is shortlived, taking a turn for the worse when demonstrator Caitlin "Kitty Kat" Kelly falls off the pole after a supposed dizzy spell and is taken to hospital with a badly sprained wrist. To the disappointment of Bree, Erica's friend and the organizer of the night, Erica and Gabrielle decide to abandon the rest of the hen's night to work in a hectic, understaffed ED. Caitlin's dizzy spells continue to the point of disinhibition; she attempts to seduce Frank and is later found outside by Bart and Gabrielle putting on a pole-dancing display for patients and staff. Charlotte initially passes off her behavior as a reaction to the morphine but upon new information that comes to light that she injured her head days prior and then a further examination of her CT scans, it is revealed that she has a brain hemorrhage.

Charlotte finds it hard to keep up with the constant pressure that comes with being second in charge. She believes that was the reason that she didn't pick up Caitlin's more serious condition. At the end of the day she tells Frank that she may not be up to the position but Frank reassures her that she will develop good leadership skills in due time.

A teenage boy Mitch is brought into the ED with horrible injuries after rolling down a steep road in a shopping trolley and colliding with a car in a Jackass-style stunt. His father John arrives and is devastated. Mitch is taken into theater for immediate surgery. John later receives a call from Mitch's friend's mother who says that she found out what happened through a video of the whole incident put on the internet by Mitch's friends. John becomes furious and storms out of the ED to go after the boy that put the video footage on the internet. He is later rushed back to hospital with a serious head injury although still conscious. He explains to Erica that he confronted the boy and began damaging his property in an angry rage and was met with a cricket bat to the head by the boy's brother. Enthusiastic to see his son after news that his surgery is over, Mitch attempts to get up, falls over and goes into cardiac arrest. He is unable to be revived.

Jack and Dan attend to a patient with chronic prostatitis. He has kept it a secret from his wife and has not seen a doctor for the condition, instead self-diagnosing himself based on symptoms he read about on the internet and relieving the pain by prostate massage. Jack and Dan urge him to tell his wife so that his marriage can be saved. Meanwhile Dan reflects on his situation with Erica.

Luke comes to All Saints and tells Dan that Rhonda is distraught and that he is only making matters worse. Erica convinces Dan that they need to sort out the familial conflict and they go to Dan's house where Rhonda and Luke are staying temporarily. In an emotive outpouring, Rhonda admits that the reason she has been so unwelcoming of Erica is because, after the death of her husband, she feels severely lonely she is afraid of losing Dan for good to Erica. The scene ends with Dan hugging her.

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