List of soft drinks by country

List of soft drinks by country

This is a list of soft drinks in order of the brand's country of origin. Soft drinks that are sold in various countries (such as Coke and Pepsi) are listed only under their country of origin.


* Hamoud Boualem (several flavors, including Selecto and Slim


* Bickford's Old Style Sodas
* Bundaberg - local family-owned traditionally brewed range of soft drinks known for their Ginger Beer and Root Beer or Sarsaparilla
* Cottee's iconic east-coast company, well-known for its lemonade flavours and various other carbonated drinks, including Passiona. Now sells cordials, with Coola (a bright green lime drink) the most recognisable
* Crush (orange flavoured drink) - owned by P&N Beverages
* Farmer's Union Iced Coffee – owned by Kirin Brewery Company; a milk-based, coffee-flavoured beverage especially popular in South Australia, where it outsells even Coca-Cola.
* Fuze - range of carbonated (99%) fruit drinks, owned by P&N Beverages
* Golden Circle
* Kirks - owned by The Coca-Cola Co.
* LA Ice Cola - owned by P&N Beverages
* Lido - lemonade, owned by P&N Beverages
* McSars - sarsaparilla flavoured, owned by P&N Beverages
* Passiona - passionfruit flavoured, owned by Cadbury Schweppes
* PipeLime - lime flavoured, owned by P&N Beverages
* Pub Squash - lemon flavoured, owned by P&N Beverages
* Saxby's - Kangaroo juices, thirst quencher.
* Solo - a favourite lemon-flavoured thirst quencher, lightly carbonated for fast drinking after hard work or exercise in Australia's hot climate and marketed as such.
* Schweppes a range of mineral water/fruit juice drinks developed in Australia, with flavours that include orange-mango, and lemon, lime and orange.


*Almdudler (Flavored by herbs and flowers)
*Kracherl (Carbonated lemon- or raspberry flavors)
*Lattella (whey drink)
*Pago (Mix of fruit juices)
*Red Bull (Energy drink)




*Abdul Monem Beverages (Coca Cola)
*Akij Beverages
*Partex Beverages (RC Cola)
*Pran Beverages
*Transcom Beverage Ltd (Pepsi)
*Uro Cola
*Virgin Beverages


*Barritt's Ginger Beer (Ginger Beer, sometimes mixed with Gosling's Black Seal rum)


*Guaraná Antarctica
*Guaraná Kwat
*Guaraná Taí
*Guaraná Pureza
*Soda Antarctica
*Guaraná Jesus


:"It should be noted that in Canada until recently, only dark soft drinks, such as Dr Pepper, Coca Cola and Pepsi contained caffeine. Canadian law prohibits adding caffeine to a soft drink that does not normally contain it.Mountain Dew did not previously contain caffeine, but they now have a caffinated version that is marketed as an energy drink."
* Brio chinotto
*Canada Dry Ginger Ale (licensed by Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation (makers of Clearly Canadian)
*Cott (world's leading distributor of carbonated soft drinks)
*Cplus orange soda
*Marco spruce beer (nonalcoholic) (Quebec only)
*Big 8 is the brand name of an Atlantic company that makes and bottles soft drinks. It creates a cola-flavoured drink, a clear citrus-flavoured drink (Big Up) along with many others including Rootbeer, Orange, Grape, Gingerale and Creamsoda (which is pink).
*The Pop Shoppe
*Mr. Goudas
*Also, most drinks listed below under United States


* Bilz
* Lift Manzana
* Pap
* Sorbete Letelier


*Future Cola or "Feichang Cola" (Cola, similar to Coca Cola and Pepsi, made by WaHaHa)
*Jianlibao (orange flavored soft drink with some Chinese herbal ingredients)
*Smart (Coca-Cola Company; soft drinks of various fruit flavors such as apple, watermelon, grape, peach, coconut, etc.)
*Wang Lao Ji — local herbal drink


*Colombiana (carbonated drink, marketed in the US as 'cola champagne')
*Pony Malta (malted beverage)
*Bebidas Postobón (line of carbonated drinks from titular soft drink company, with fruit flavors that range from orange to grape to lemonade)
**Manzana Postobón
**Naranja Postobón
**Uva Postobón
**Limonada Postobón
**Kola Hipinto (made in Santander, and for 81 years, sold there and in the surrounding regions, specially in the [ Magdalena Medio] . Is exported to the United States and Argentina)
***Piña Hipinto
**Kola Postobón (replaced the Kola Hipinto in the rest of the country until the first began to be sold in all the country)
*Kola Román (made in Cartagena)
*Gaseosas Glacial (similar line to Postobón, made in Tolima)
*La Cigarra (made in Pasto)
*Quin (made in Popayán)
*Gaseosas Cóndor (made in Neiva)
*Gaseosas Sol (made in Girardot)
*Cola y Pola (beer and colombiana)

Czech Republic

* Kofola (special cola flavoured with herbs)


*Dansk Citronvand (Carbonated lemonade)
*Faxe Kondi (a "sports" soft drink, much like Sprite.)
*Jolly Cola (Cola)
*Nikoline appelsinvand (same as Fanta)
*Squash appelsinvand (tastes similar to Fanta)
* Many generic soft drinks in a variety of flavours, some more popular than others: [cite web
title=2004 Tal fra Brygerriforeningen
**Abrikos (Apricot)
**Ananas (Pineapple)
**Appelsin (Orange)
**Banan (Banana)
**Citron (Lemon)
**Dansk Vand (Danish Water) - carbonated, unsweetened water.
**Grape(frugt) (Grapefruit - not grape)
**Grøn (Green) - Lemon/Lime
**Pære (Pear)
**Rød (red) - actually raspberry (hindbær) flavoured.
**Æble (Apple)
*: One manufacturer which does many, if not all, of these flavours is Maribo under the 'Frisco' brand. Maribo is now incorporated into the Royal Unibrew group. Another is Harboes.

Dominican Republic

*Country Club (soft drink)

El Salvador

*Kolashanpan (from "Cola" and "Champagne". Mamey-flavoured soda.)


Non-alcoholic carbonated sweet drinks

*"Limonaad", "tavaline limonaad", "Limpa limonaad" denominate the classic Tartu Limonaad variety by A. Le Coq, formerly and colloquially known as Tartu Õlletehas (Tartu Brewery). The "Limpa" name is used on other products of the same company.

*Buratino — apple and lemon flavour, Tallinna Karastusjoogid
*Düšess — pear-flavoured and toned with caramel, Tallinna Karastusjoogid
*Kelluke ("Little bell", originally named after a Campanula) — clear and lime-flavoured, A. Le Coq.
*Limpa Hull õun — apple-flavoured, A. Le Coq
*Mõmmi traditsionaalne — classic caramel tasting, Viru Õlu
*Mulinaad — classic-tasting flavour by Coca-Cola HBC Eesti (sold in Estonia only)
*Viru Limonaad — classic-flavoured in a 5 litre plastic canister, Tallinna Karastusjoogid


*Smurffi - pear lemonade
*Muumi - strawberry lemonade


*Fanta (orange flavoured fizzy drink)
*Gini (lemon flavored)
*Joker (Orange Juice)
*Lorina (lemonade)
*Mecca-Cola ("politically committed" cola aimed at Muslims)
*Orangina (orange flavoured fizzy drink)
*Perrier Fluo
*Pschitt! (lemonade)
*Ricqlès (mint flavored)


*Afri-Cola (cola with a high caffeine(25mg/100ml) level)
*Apfelschorle (It consists of carbonated mineral water and apple juice)
*Bionade (lemonade-like drink, through produced by fermentation(like beer) it is non-alcoholic)
*Bluna (lemonade)
*Brottrunk (healthdrink, somewhat similar to Russian kvass)
*Capri-Sonne(Capri Sun) (lemonade in silver pouches)
*Deit (lemonade)
*Fanta (line of fruit-flavored drinks, Coca-Cola Company)
*Frucade (orange and lemontaste)
*Karamalz (beer for children without alcohol)
*Kracherl (pop lemonade e.g. Altöttinger Kracherl)
*Libella (lemonade)
*Mezzo Mix a half-orange lemonade/half-cola drink by Coca Cola (like Spezi)
*Premium-cola (made after original Afri-Cola recipe)
*Schwip Schwap a half-orange lemonade/half-cola drink by Pepsi (like Spezi)
*Sprite (Coca-Cola Company)
*Sinalco (lemonade)
*Spezi the original half-orange lemonade/half-cola drink by Brewery Riegele


*Brand "5" Lemonade (lemonade)
*Brand "5" Raspberry (raspberryade)

Hong Kong


*Egils Appelsín
*Malt Extrakt
*Mix [ 1] [ 2] [ 3]


*Ayodhya-Cola (Carbonated Cola drink) [ Ayodhya-Cola]
*Campa-Cola (Carbonated Cola drink)
*Frooti (Mango flavored, non carbonated drink)
*Limca (Lime flavored, carbonated drink)
*Mangola Slice (Mango flavored, non carbonated drink)
*Maaza (Mango flavored, non carbonated drink)
*Thums Up (Cola drink)
*Pepsi {Cola drink}
*Tropicana Twister
*Mountain Dew
*coca cola (carbonated Drink)


*Zam Zam Cola
*Ashi Mashi
*Cott Cola
*parsi cola


*Red Lemonade
*FootBall Special
* Club
*Finches light
*Club Orange
*Club Lemon
*Club RockShandy
*Country Spring
*Tipperary Clearly
*kool kidz


*Super Drink
*Fanta Shukata
*Fanta Exotic
*Fanta Orange-Mango
*Fanta Grapefruit-Pineapple
*Fizzy Bubbleh


*Cedrata Tassoni
*Beverly a bitter-tasting soda
*Chinò a type of Chinotto made by San Pellegrino
*Chinotto a brown bitter-sweet drink made by various producers
*Crodino orange-colour carbonated non-alcoholic bitter aperitif named after the commune Crodo where it originated in 1965; since 1995 a product of the Campari Group
*Sanbittèr San Pellegrino
*Sanbittèr Dry colourless carbonated non-alcoholic aperitif


*Old Jamaica Ginger Beer produced by Desnoes and Geddes (D&G)
*Ting - Carbonated grapefruit flavour, produced by Desnoes and Geddes (D&G)
*Bigga - Line of carbonated soft drinks in various flavours


Words in italic indicate that they are written in a combination of Japanese scripts.


*Calpis Soda
*C.C. Lemon
*Mitsuya Cider
*Oronamin C Drink
*Kirin Lemon


*Latte Latte


*Calpis Water(Calpico Water)
*Momo no Ten-nen sui (Peach water drink)
*Vita 500

ports drink

*Pocari Sweat
*Aquarius Freestyle/Freestyle X
*Aquarius Active Diet


*Chilsung Cider
*Am Bah Sah
*Soju (Soju is an alcoholic beverage and probably does not belong on this list of soft drinks)
*Other Lotte Chilsung drinks


*Kvast (Syrup flavored)


*Bin Ghashir (sparkling mineral water)
*Kawther Cola (was made for a few years in the 1980s when Coke/Pepsi was not available, may be discontinued now)
*Mirada Orange (same as Miranda or Fanta was made for a few years in the 1980s when Coke/Pepsi was not available, may be discontinued now)
*Shafi (Raspberry flavored)
*Bitter Soda


*Kinnie (Black-orange with bitter)


*Chaparritas, El Naranjo (variously flavoured soft drinks in small bottles)
*Sangría Señorial
*Pascual Boing (concentrated sweetened fruit juice).
*Peñafiel (natural sparkling flavoured mineral water).
*Sidral Mundet (apple soft drink).
*Titán (gooseberry flavoured soft drink).
*Joya (Coca-Cola de Mexico).
*Ciel Mineralizada (Coca-Cola de Mexico).
*Jarritos (similar to Jones Soda, various flavors and in bottles).
*Manzanita Sol (apple soft drinks).
*Manzana Lift (Coca Cola de Mexico) (In Traditional or +Manzana Flavor)
*Escuis (Coca-Cola de Mexico).
*Senzao (Guarana flavored soft drink, Coca-Cola de Mexico).
*RC cola
*Big Cola
*Delaware Punch (Coca-Cola de Mexico).
*Toni Col (Vanilla flavored soft drink)
*Yoli (Lime flavored, from the state of Guerrero)
*Zaraza (commercially available as recently as 1986 in Veracruz)

New Zealand

*Foxton Fizz produced in the small North Island town of Foxton, some 15 flavours.
*Lemon & Paeroa (Lemon and Paeroa) is now made by the Coca-Cola Company.
*V made by Frucor Beverages
*Wests (local brand similar to Schweppes found mainly in the South Island, some 12 flavours)


*E. C. Dahls Ingefærøl (ginger ale)
*Eventyrbrus carbonated red-coloured drink
*Farris (Sparkling water)
*Mozell apple and grape flavoured carbonated drink
*Ringnes Vørterøl carbonated malt drink
*Villa Champagnebrus (Soft drink alternative to sparkling wine)
*Hamar og Lillehammer Bryggeri Julebrus (Litt mørkere gylden brus med jordbærsødme og ingefærpreg)


*Shandy Cola
*Pakola (variously flavoured soft drinks)
*Amrat Cola
*Apple Sidra
*Rooh Afza
*Maaza juiceRC Cola




Carbonated Soft Drinks

*Sarsi - a Sarsaparilla rootbeer originally made by Cosmos Bottling, now part of Coca-Cola
*Jaz Cola - a low-cost cola flavored beverage made by Coca-Cola
*Pop Cola - a low-cost cola flavored beverage from Cosmos
*Cheers - a low-cost citrus flavored soda from Cosmos
*Royal - the first CSD in the country, made in 1922 by San Miguel Corporation, now a Coca-Cola brand
*Lift - a citrus flavored soda by Coca-Cola
*Zest-O Corporation - produces various drinks including a Fruit soda, Cola, Root beer, a calamansi-flavored soda and a dalandan-flavored soda.
*Teem - low cost citrus flavored soda popular in the 1970s
*Lemo-Lime - low cost citrus flavored soda popular in the 1970s
*RC cola - the cheapest soft drink in the Philippines but very appetizing..

Energy Drinks

*Extra Joss - a powdered energy drink
*I-On by Revicon - a canned citron-flavored energy drink
*Lipovitan - a foreign energy drink
*Lipovitan Ira - a sub-brand of Lipovitan created for women


*Blue Men

Aseptic Juice Drinks (including Powdered Juice Beverage)

*Zest-O - the biggest-selling juice drink in doy packs
*Funchum - the second biggest-selling aseptic juice drink in doy packs
*Magnolia Fruit Drinks - the first aseptic juice drink in Tetra packs
*Refresh - the first aseptic juice drink in cups
*Sunkist - available in tetrahedral packs, Tetra packs, doy packs and powdered juice forms.
*Sunglo - the only powdered juice brand that offers strawberry. It also has doy pack juice.
*Plus! - made by Zest-O
*BIG 250 - the only aseptic juice drink in 250 mL soy packs
*Fres-C - offered by Ajinomoto Co.
*Sundays - made by snack foods giant Liwayway Marketing Corp.
*Eight O'Clock - the former champ in the powdered juice beverage, only beaten by Tang
*Ponkana - a ponkan-flavored powdered juice drink
*Mix Frutz - a multi-flavored mix fruit juice drink made by Innobev, Inc.


Bottled water

* Agua Vida (Bottled water produced by Don Jorge)
* Cielo (Bottled water produced by Kola Real Group)
* Persa (Bottled water produced by Persa)
* San Carlos (Bottled water produced by PepsiCo)
* San Luis (Bottled water produced by Coca-Cola company)
* San Mateo (Bottled water produced by Backus)

oft drinks

* Beed Cola (Range of soft drinks produced in Pucallpa)
* Cassinelli (Range of soft drinks produced by Enrique Cassinelli and Sons)
* Concordia (Range of soft drinks produced by PepsiCo)
* Crush (Range of soft drinks produced by Coca-Cola company)
* Kola Escocesa (Red coloured soft drink produced by Yura S.R.L.)
* Kola Inglesa (Red coloured; literally "English Kola" reference to messengers and cola nuts, but strawberry-flavoured and represented by a red-cheeked pale and cheeky face.)
* Kola Real (Range of soft drinks produced by Kola Real Group)
* Perú Cola (Range of soft drinks produced by Don Jorge)

Yellow Kolas

* Inca Kola (Yellow colored and a bubble-gum or fruity taste)
* Isaac Kola (Similar to Inca Kola, but produced by Don Jorge)
* Oro (Similar to Inca Kola, but produced by Kola Real Group)
* Triple Kola (Similar to Inca Kola, but produced by PepsiCo)
* Viva (Similar to Inca Kola, but produced by Backus)

ports drinks

* Sporade (Sports drink produced by Kola Real Group)


*Compal Frutty juice, available in many flavours
*Brisa (Wide range of flavours)
*BriSol (Wide range of flavours)
*Atlântida (Range of flavoured water)

Puerto Rico

*Coco Rico, (Coconut-flavored soft drink)
*Kola Champagne (despite a name that suggests an alcoholic drink, Kola Champagne is actually a soft drink)
*Old Colony, (soft drink that is produced in grape and pineapple flavors)


*Borsec (mineral water)
*Dorna (mineral water)
*Bucovina (mineral water)
*Carpatina (mineral water)
*Frutti Fresh (fruity soft drinks, variety of flavors)
*Izvorul Alb


*Kvass, a low-to-non alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains.
*Tarhun, a Tarragon flavored soda.
*Dushes ( _ru. Дюжес), a pear flavored soda. The name is also a transliteration of the French surname .



ingapore & Malaysia


* F&N


* Yeos
* Seasons
* Justea
* Pink Dolphin
* Lemon and Kalamansi
* Whatever

ports drink

* 100 Plus
* H-Two-O


* Kofola (special cola flavoured with herbs)
* Vinea(soft drink with the taste of wine)
* Lift (soft drink in various fruit flavours)

outh Africa

*Appletizer (carbonated apple juice)
*Grapetizer (carbonated grape juice, red and white).
*Peartizer (carbonated pear juice, released in 2006).


*La Casera (lemonade)
*Trina (formerly "Trinaranjus", non-carbonated soft drinks)


Carbonated soft drinks

*Borddricka (Traditional soft drink with taste of Portello and julmust)
*Champis (Soft drink alternative to sparkling wine)
*Citronil (Traditional soft drink)
*Cuba Cola (Cola)
*Dansk Citron (Soft drink with taste of lemon)
*Drink 21 (Soft drink with a taste of cola mixed with julmust)
*Enbärsdricka (Traditional stout-like, very sweet soft drink)
*Fruktsoda (Traditional lemon-lime soft drink)
*Grappo (Sweet and acid soft drink with grapefruit taste)
*Guldus (Traditional apple juice soft drink)
*Haiwa (Soft drink with taste of pineapple)
*Hallonsoda (Soft drink with taste of raspberry)
*Jaffa Soft drinks with a taste of orange)
*Julmust (Traditional stout-like, very sweet seasonal soft drink)
*Loranga (Soft drink with taste of orange)
*M.A.C. Black Cola (A relatively unpopular orange flavored cola)
*Pommac (Soft drink alternative to sparkling wine)
*Portello (Soft drink with a lite candy taste)
*Päronsoda (Pear-flavoured soft drink)
*Siddni (Soft drink with taste of passionfruit)
*Sockerdricka (Traditional sweet-sour soft drink)
*Svagdricka (Traditional stout-like, soft drink similar to Kvass)
*Trocadero (drink) (Soft drink with a taste of orange and apple juice)
*Zingo (Soft drinks with a taste of orange, pineapple/orange or melon/lemon.)



ports Drinks

*Pripps Energy


*Rivella (Based on whey)

outh Korea

*McCol---Malt Beverage.
*Milkis---Carbonated Milk
*Chilsung Cider
*Da Jun Moon


Carbonated Drinks

**HeySong Sarsaparilla
*Apple Sidra

Non-Carbonated Drinks

*Cha Li Wang---Various flavors of sweetened and unsweetend tea beverages

ports Drinks

*Super Supau


Medicinal Drinks (Traditional Herbal Drinks )
*Lemon grass

Togo (Africa)

*Cocktail de Fruit

Trinidad and Tobago

*Cole Cold
*Mauby Fizz
*Solo Apple J
*Sorell Fizz


* Cola Turka
* Uludağ ('fruits flavoured' - also sold in many places in Germany)

United Kingdom

*Barley water
*Bitter Shandy
*Cream soda
*Dandelion and burdock
*Elderflower cordial
*Firefly Tonics
*Ginger ale (available with or without alcohol)
*Irn-Bru (Caffeinated soft drink made in Scotland)
*Lemonade in the UK is a colourless sweet carbonated lemon-flavoured drink
*Qibla Cola
*Tonic water (Carbonated water flavored with quinine)
*Yazoo (Flavoured milk shake)

United States

*7Up (licensed by Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers; available in a multitude of flavored, diet, and fortified varieties) [cite web
title=7Up Company Website
*Ale-8-One (a ginger-and-fruit drink distributed mostly in Kentucky with a cult following in the central part of that state. Commonly pronounced "A Late One") [cite web
title=Ale-8-One Company Website
*A&W Root Beer and A&W cream soda, originally distributed by the A&W drive-in restaurant chain. (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7 Up, Inc. to local bottlers) [cite web
title=A&W Root Beer History
*Barq's (the only major American root beer with caffeine in most locations; Coca-Cola Company).
*Big Red
*Blenheim Ginger Ale (a particularly strong ginger ale, bottled by Blenheim Bottlers, Hamer, South Carolina)
*Boylan Bottling Company (Produces a variety of sodas like Birch beer, Sugar Cane Cola and Root beer).
*Bubble Up A lemon-lime soda similar to 7Up but predates 7up by eight years. Still produced by The Monarch Beverage Company
*C & C Cola (a cola brand distributed as a regular grocery item rather than stocked by the bottling company's local drivers)
*Cactus Cooler (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Cheerwine (cherry flavored drink - mainly North Carolina)
*Chek (line of soft drinks - affiliated with Winn-Dixie)
*Chucker (discontinued line of flavored soda formerly made in Connellsville, Pennsylvania)
*Apple cider in the USA, cider is a non-alcoholic carbonated apple-flavoured drink
*Coca-Cola (licensed by The Coca-Cola Company)
*Country Time (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Cream soda (often a vanilla-flavored soft drink) (Traditional soft drink)
*Crush (Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc.)
*Dad's Root Beer (The Monarch Beverage Company, Atlanta, GA)
*Delaware Punch (grape-flavored, non-carbonated, limited availability)
*Diet Rite (diet cola licensed by Dr Pepper/7Up's R.C. unit to local bottlers)
*dnL (caffeinated lemon-lime soda similar to Mountain Dew, from Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc. Note dnL turned upside down reads "7up")
*Double Cola (regional cola brand based in Chattanooga, Tennessee)
*Dr. Brown's (A popular brand of root beer, cream soda etc. in the New York City region. It is popular in Jewish delicatessens around the United States.)
*Dr Enuf (vitamin-fortifed lemon-lime drink available in northeast Tennessee, parts of Florida, and possibly elsewhere)
*Dr Pepper (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Faygo (line of soft drinks)
*Fitz's (root beer and other classic sodas bottled in a microbrewery/restaurant in St. Louis, MO, distributed to certain grocery stores around the country)
*Fresca (grapefruit soda) (Coca-Cola Company)
*Frostie (root beer, cream, and fruit-flavored sodas,
*Frostop (root beer and cream soda)
*Ginger ale (Traditional soft drink)
*Grapico (Grape soft drink primarily available in Alabama)
*Gray's (line of soft drinks)
*Green River
*Hawaiian Punch (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Hires Root Beer (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Iron Beer (supposedly the National Beverage of Cuba, this beverage is consumed by Cubans in Miami, and has been around since 1917. A rare product to find, even in Cuba.)
*Jolt Cola (made with double caffeine, hence the "jolt" name)
*Jones Soda (made with pure cane sugar and known for odd flavors including "candy corn" for Halloween and "turkey and dressing" for Thanksgiving)
*Josta First US Energy Drink, aka Josta with Guarana
*Manhattan Special (espresso soda)
*Minute Maid (soft drink only) (licensed by The Coca-Cola Company)
*Mello Yello (lemon-lime, similar to Mountain Dew) (The Coca-Cola Company)
*Mountain Dew (licensed by PepsiCo)
*Moxie (the first American mass produced soft drink, primarily available in Maine)
*Mug Root Beer (licensed by PepsiCo)
*Nehi (Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc.)
*OK Soda (a discontinued test drink from The Coca-Cola Company with a small cult following)
*Old Town (line of soft drinks)
*Orange Whip (defunct fountain beverage)
*Patriot's Choice (Cola)
*Pepsi (licensed by PepsiCo)
*Pibb Xtra (formerly known as "Mr. Pibb") (Coca-Cola Company)
*Point Premium Root Beer (Sold primarily in Wisconsin) (Stevens Point Brewery)
*President's Choice (Cola)
*R.C. Cola (Cola) (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7 Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Red Rock Cola
*RESQ powerdrink
*Refresco Goya (Goya Foods line of soft drinks for the US Hispanic market)
*Root beer (Traditional soft drink)
*Route 66 Sodas, LLC (produces a variety including Route 66 Route Beer, Orange, Lime and Cream Soda).
*Safeway Select (Safeway brand drink)
*Sam's Choice (Wal-Mart brand drink)
*Sarsaparilla soda (Traditional soft drink)
*Schweppes Ginger Ale (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Shasta (Cola)
*Sierra Mist (lemon-lime, similar to "7Up" and "Sprite") (PepsiCo)
*Slice (orange soft drink) (PepsiCo)
*Sour Power (sold only on tap in bars primarily for mixing cocktails) (Coca-Cola Company)
*Sprecher (traditional beverages)
*Squirt (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Stewart's Fountain Classics
*Sun Drop (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Sunkist (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*Sunny Select ( sold at Save Mart Supermarkets/Lucky (No. Cal)/Food Maxx/Food Source)
*SunnyD (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers) [cite web
title=SunnyD Company Website
*Tab (licensed by The Coca-Cola Company)
*Teem Soda
*Towne Club (defunct Detroit-based line of inexpensive soft drinks once sold in franchise stores)
*Vault (licensed by The Coca-Cola Company)
*Vess (a line of soft drinks primarily available in the Greater St. Louis area)
*Vernors Ginger Ale (the first American soft drink, licensed by Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers, primarily available in Michigan)
*Welch's (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)
*White Rock (traditional beverages)
*zink pop(licensed by Doc Martin) cherry mixed w/ lime soft drink, noncarbonated


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