Owen Redfield Complex

Owen Redfield Complex

Owen Redfield Complex is one of several on-campus residence halls available at Idaho State University. Owen Hall provides housing for freshman and an upper-class hall for men. Redfield Hall houses freshman and an upper-class hall for women. Both housing facilities are within walking distance to ISU buildings and facilities. [ [http://www.isu.edu/isutour/build-descrip/owen-redfield.html Owen Redfield Complex ] ]

upposed Haunting

In the Spring of 1954, during the final stages of construction of the Owen Redfield Complex; Owen, room 202, due to an electrical problem in the newly installed heating system caught on fire. One migrant female worker was killed in the accident, while several others were injured in nearby rooms. The actual cause of this fire is still not known, but it said that the ghost of the female still haunts the halls and heating systems of the complex.

The University's student newspaper has reported on the supposed haunting several times over the years. Several of Owen Redfield residents have been quoted in the publication explaining their experiences about the female ghost. 1974 resident Tim Bernier explained to the paper: "I will never stay in that room again. Every night I heard the ghost. My friends think I'm crazy -- but I know she exists."

Other accounts are similar, although the ghost is often explained as simply a 'presence' rather than an actual being. Former ISU housing director Jose McKoy recalls "feeling" rather than "seeing" the ghost.

While all accounts are somewhat similar, it is not uncommon for student residents to claim they have smelt burning throughout the Complex. Bryan Hughes, a long time Owen Redfield resident in the late 1980s, told the student paper he would "often smell a burning scent coming from the heating systems. It makes me sick to my stomach." Such reports eventually drove Hughes to move out of the building and transfer to a different university.

Reports of the ghost continue to this day, though there is no conclusive evidence of her existence.

Upward Bound Ghost Experience

The room 202 I am an Upward Bound Student Who stays up here every summer and my first year staying there I stayed in room 202 with my roommate he said he saw something one Friday Morning I woke up and stood up from my bed and I looked over and saw my roommate he looked freaked out I called his name a couple of times, but didn't respond when I was talking to him and afterward I freaked out and went to go get a counselor. Then I went back up stairs and my roommate was already in the bathroom and I asked him "What happened"? he said that "He said he saw something that morning that it looked like a women.

Future of the Owen Redfield Complex

With the completion of Idaho State University's newest building, a 301-bed housing/classroom complex, Owen Redfield's future is uncertain at this time. Like the University's housing tower, Garrison Hall, some have expressed support for converting the building to office space. yup


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