Critical Software

Critical Software S.A.
Type Privately held
Industry Information Technology
Founded 1998
Founder(s) Gonçalo Quadros (CEO), Diamantino Costa, João Carreira
Headquarters Coimbra, Portugal
Products csARCH, csEMS, csDATABASE, csPMO, csSECURE, csNMS, csWMPI, csWOW, ISVV, csWISE, csCOSE, csWOW, csD2S, csXCEPTION, csXLUNA, csTESTOO, csXPY, Beyond Logistics, PREMFIRE
Revenue 19M€ (2010)
Employees 400 (2010)
Subsidiaries Critical Software Technologies (UK),
Critical Software Brasil (BR),
Critical Software Moçambique (MZ)

Critical Software is a Portuguese information systems and software company, headquartered in Coimbra. Critical Software specialises in the development and deployment of software solutions or COTS based systems. The experience acquired in international consortia with prime contractors around the globe has paved the way for Critical Software to provide services ranging from system planning and analysis, to system design, development, integration and maintenance. Critical Software has also provided engineering processes definition, solution design and support for the development and integration of Safety Critical Sub-Systems.



A spin-off from the University of Coimbra's business incubator and technology transfer centre Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), the company was established in 1998 in Coimbra, Portugal - its headquarters, and has offices in Porto and Lisbon (Portugal) and subsidiaries around the world in Southampton (United Kingdom), San Jose (United States), Bucharest (Romania), São José dos Campos (Brazil), Maputo (Mozambique) and other locations.

Critical Software supports customers across several markets including Aerospace, Defence, Manufacturing, Telecom, Government, Finance and Energy with core competences that cover Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Command & Control, Integrated Logistic Support, Security and Infrastructure, Integration, Business Intelligence, RAMS and Independent Software Verification & Validation. The company operates a quality system certified to CMMI® Level5, ISO 9001:2000 Tick-IT, ISO 15504, AQAP 2120 and EN9100.

Critical Software has participated in Earth observation related projects of the European Space Agency, such as the prevention and mitigation of forest fires, ocean monitoring and research on complex climate systems.[1][2]


  • csSECURE delivers the data-centric solution for information protection. Protection is enforced on the data instead of on the systems, thus being effective even when there is unintended access. csSECURE allows authorised users to allocate any file or email created or accessed a security classification. Based on the information security classification and the security clearance given to the user, he can open, edit, print, copy and/or paste the classified and encrypted information container (files, email, etc). To know more about this Product, go to csSECURE webpage.
  • csWMPI is a middleware for High Performance Computing capable of harnessing the power of workstation clusters to execute highly demanding business or scientific applications with a low price/performance ratio. csWMPI II is widely used in industrial applications such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and in academia for research and development programmes and educational purposes. Is was the first fully implementation of the MPI-2 standard written specifically for MS Windows. It supports heterogeneous clusters of Windows and Linux nodes and is free to download and evaluate. To know more about this Product, go to csWMPI webpage
  • csXCEPTION is used by space agencies around the world to test systems in exceptional field situations and worst failure scenarios. In critical sectors, new applications and systems must be intensively tested before deployment to guarantee that the system and built-in fault-tolerance mechanisms are working as expected. Ensuring the system responds appropriately to unusual or exceptional events is a problem that requires something more than traditional testing. Fault Injection is the solution and csXCEPTION performs like no other program. To know more about this Product, go to csXCEPTION webpage

Critical Links

Critical Links is a spin-off company of Critical Software. It is the developer of edgeBOX, which provides data communication services such as VoIP, VPN or Wifi to Small and Medium Sized Businesses.[3]

Critical Manufacturing

Critical Manufacturing is a company of Critical Software founded in 2009 and focused on providing automation and manufacturing software for high-tech industries.

Critical Materials

Critical Materials is a company of Critical Software founded in 2009 and focused in the development of solutions and products in the field of advanced materials for critical applications. Critical Material's PRODDIA™ is an innovative structural health monitoring and management system for the Aeronautics & Energy Industries.

Critical Health

Critical Health is a spin-off of Critical Software encompassing all the healthcare activities that were being developed since 2006. Critical Software is a successful IT services company specialized in real-time systems for defense, aerospace and telecommunications with solid reputation for software reliability (CMMI-5, ISO9001, Spice). The new company represents a strong commitment from Critical Software to all its customers and partners in the Healthcare sector.


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