The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil

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name = The Lesser Evil

image_size =
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director = D. W. Griffith
producer =
writer = George Hennessy
narrator =
starring = Blanche Sweet
Edwin August
music =
cinematography = G. W. Bitzer
editing =
distributor =
released = 29 April, 1912
runtime = 17 minutes
country = USA
language = Silent
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imdb_id = 0002303

"The Lesser Evil" is a 1912 short silent drama film directed by D. W. Griffith and starring Blanche Sweet. A print of the film survives. cite web |url= |title=Silent Era: The Lesser Evil |accessdate=2008-07-13|work=silentera]


* Blanche Sweet - The Young Woman
* Edwin August - The Young Woman's Sweetheart
* Mae Marsh - The Young Woman's Companion
* Alfred Paget - The Leader of the Smugglers
* Charles Hill Mailes - The Revenue Officer / Policeman
* Charles West - The Go-Between
* William A. Carroll - In Smuggler Band
* Charles Gorman - In Smuggler Band
* Robert Harron - In Smuggler Band
* Harry Hyde - Policeman
* J. Jiquel Lanoe - In Smuggler Band
* Owen Moore (unconfirmed)
* Frank Opperman - In Smuggler Band
* Herbert Prior (unconfirmed)
* W. C. Robinson - In Smuggler Band

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* D. W. Griffith filmography
* Blanche Sweet filmography


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